Vista/dx10 system on dx9 games

I was wondering if anyone on these forums both (1) Has a setup running Vista with a directX 10 card and (2) Has tested it out with various mainstream dX9 games.

If anyone has done this could you please tell me if there are any improvements in dX9 games while using a dX10 system. I am sure that the system is fine compatibility-wise but I wanted to know if there were any performance/framerate improvements. Any information or links to other threads/benchmarks would be MUCH appreciated.


PS: (I am especially interested in the performance of HL2/CS:S, WoW, WH40k, and Company of Heroes)
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  1. Quote:
    DX10 isn't out....

    Also, most games run on Vista fine.

    Vista is out, and DX10 is integral part of Vista.
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