Raising 'Soldiers of the Dead': How to Turn an Unsold Screenplay into a Comic Bo

Paul Fusco was just another aspiring screenwriter in Hollywood trying to sell a script. Then he took a friend's advice and transformed his zombie story into a comic book with the help of comic publisher Atlantis Studios. TwitchGuru's David Konow examines Fusco's "Soldiers of the Dead."
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  1. What do you suppose would be a game-industry equivalent, Choose Your Own Adventure books? :wink:

    Good article. Good quotes. ("You can't just show up and throw another stack of paper on the desk. Do a little work. Make it easier for them to say yes.") Some inspiring stuff here for anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry. It's interesting how this success story can inspire both those looking for good ideas and those looking for a way to get noticed.

    Thanks for the article. I look forward to more like it.
  2. Some things that were passed onto me to facilitate getting your graphic novel accepted as a candidate for Hollywood.

    A director needs his storyboards before he can get his film from the studio (unless the director owns the studio :) ).

    A graphic novel may be used by a director to present as his/her storyboards to obtain their film.

    If an artist producing a graphic novel is also is a student of comics and film...with an eye for directing, they can try and anticipate the shots the director will need and capture those in their book.

    If the director is not an artist him/herself they must have an artist generate those storyboards. This can take six months or more with lots of redraws.

    A director can give a cinematographer a graphic novel to work from.

    A great place to get those graphic novels of yours online, available for print on demand or pdf downloads is LULU.com. No. I do not work for them. The ease of LULU and the product quality of LULU printing is exceptional.

    I have put up a 23 page full color graphic novel there though ('The Adventures of Chutney and Chow').

    I took it with me to the San Diego Comic Con in 2003 to show to MARVEL, DC, Platinum Studios, Heavy Metal, Disney, DreamWorks, Nick etc., etc.

    This came in VERY handy! In my opinion, it was the 'comic book in-hand' that sealed the deal for me to get a graphic novel/movie deal for Platinum Studios': 'The Taking of Happyland", by Brian Joines.

    So while I didn't get 'our' script accepted...I did get another graphic novel and movie royalties options for 'The Taking of Happyland."

    It has been and on and off again project though...and as it stands I do not know if this project will see the light of day. : crosses fingers :

    I can confirm the above avenues to get into comics and Hollywood are there and more easily travelled if a comic book movie director.

    Sorry so long.

    Another fun way of presenting work in comic-book, slideshow format... of course is YouTube! You can do a lot with Windows Movie make and Photo Story.

    Good luck you Steven Spielberg's out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Stan would say:

    --Tony Tuthill (a.k.a. Kinneas)
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