Warcraft 3 question

What detail settings and resolution could my PC handle when playing this great game?
Actually i loved playing warcraft1 and 2. I liked humans more. :)

My PC specs:
Intel Pentium3 1ghz
256mb sdram PC-133mhz
Nvidia Geforcefx5500 128mb agp4x 128-bit graphics card
Onboard sound card
Microsoft win98se

I'm planning to by a new PC when windows Vista becomes mainstream. :)
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  1. dude i have the exact same system, except with dial up

    it should run fine, there really isnt a dif between high and low in performance, buit i jsut play at low because it really doesnt matter in multiplayer

    in single, id prolly play at low, so now matter how big the battle, it should play fine
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