XBOX 360 Revision 2

XBOX 360 Revision 2

Ugh!!! They should have done that in the first place if you ask me. I know I for one would prefer the 65 nm over the current 90 nm if it meant less noise! I have the intercooler for it already and quit using it because it was too loud for my liking! Without it though, the 360 does run hott! But I have never had it freeze on me in gameplay.

Do note though that 3 months after having it, I did get a hardware failure, but that was my own fault. I had it in a compartment that had little air ventilation (XBOX seemed to work fine it, so I thought the 360 wouldn't have a problem :oops:) and my g/f played it for 3 hours. Guess she fried something within the time span. But Microsoft got me back up and running in about week with all my data still intact! Since then, no problems.

Anyone else have some input on this?
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  1. I think its nice, they didnt rush these ones out and have a bunch of issues with it. I to had only one problem that was my fault, but Microsoft had me up and running again within 4 days.
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