Asus A7M266 with AMD XP 2000 problem

Hi guys,

I have just installed a AMD 2000 XP+ processor in my Asus A7M266 motherboard, after upgrading the BIOS to AM261007. I've runned the BIOS and in the Advanced menu I've set the operating frequency to 1667Mhz (which has automaticaly set the System Frequency to 133). I've saved changes and exit the BIOS. The screen has gone blank and the system seems to have hangup. I've then turned the power off, rebooted the system and entered the BIOS again to see that the operating frequency had been automatically set to 1250Mhz (and the System Frequency to 100). After exitting the BIOS the computer has runned as it normally does. What is the problem? Is there any way i can set the operating frequency to it's right value (1667Mhz)? I have tried to do that manually by changing the jumper positions but I'll get the same resoult.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. there is a new setting called 's2k slew rate control'.This should be set to 3 for XP, 1 for Athlon.This setting will allow FSB to run at 133 or more.If it is set to 1 with an XP proc. just runs at 100 and memory crashes if set higher
    e.g. 110. This should fix it.

  2. Thx a lot for helping me bertvandonk, it's people like you, that help others without expecting any benefit, that rock. I checked the "s2k slew rate control" in the bios and, guess what?, it was already set to 3. Damn I've tried to contact Asus technical service (I've sent E-mails to the United States, to Germany, to Holland and even to China!) but only the chinese have replied to me in a poor english but in a very thankful effort to try and solve my problem. If u have any idea of what else can be causing this problem I would really appreciate u to give me a hand.

  3. bertvandonk your my hero LOL! :-P

    It seems that every time I reboot my wallet gets smaller.
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