Prediction: UT2007 will suck

After playing Rainbow Six Vegas PC I'm thinking the UE3 sucks. The game doesn't look good but it performs terribly. My 8800 GTS OC'd can struggle sometimes with this game.

In multiplayer the graphics of the levels have been downgraded for performance reasons and it looks awful.

People will say it's just because it's a port but if it runs so smoothly on the xbox 360 why are the multiplayer maps in the 360 version also downgraded?

Also consider that GOW can only handle max 8 players? Why? Could it be performance?

Why is AA disabled in the xbox versions? Because it performs terrribly.

When I tried to force AA on this game my machine almost had a heart attack.

Anyway, UE3 tries to use blur effects instead of aa but it just doesn't look as good. They made these pretty looking videos and fooled people into licensing their engine. In one video they claimed UE3 would run on a GeForce 6600...what a joke. Obviously they underestimated the resource demands of this engine.

Developers have had to use low res textures and other work arounds just to make games playable. Why do we have low res textures in R6V. The guns look awful.

The Source engine is much better. A game where you can turn aa and af all the way up looks better than UE3 blur crap. Counter-Strike Source looks better than R6V. And the Physics is much better in Source.

I predict all those games using UE3 will suck and that included UT2007. I don't believe those glossy screenshots for a minute. That game won't run unless you have 2 x 8000 GTS SLI. That's my prediction
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  1. I can't stand any UT / Halo game .

    Look at my zap gun.......boring

    I'll take BF2 all day.
  2. I'm gonna miss Assault.
  3. Someone's hiding his under-performing PC troubles in a mask of denial. :wink:
  4. Quote:
    Someone's hiding his under-performing PC troubles in a mask of denial. :wink:

    AMD x2 4200 @ 2.64
    2x1GB OCZ Platinum
    8800 GTS @ 620/950

    If my rig is struggling with Unreal Engine 3 playing R6V with low res textures and no AA then I seriously doubt that all those shinny UT2007 graphics will run smoothly on anything.

    I think EPIC likes showing people demos that look great but won't run on real world hardware. Even the xbox 360 is chocking on the UE3.

    Moreover, their focus on effects like dynamic shadows and motion blur is a bad idea. Those elements don't add as much to a game as simply using lots of AA and AF with great textures.
  5. Gears of War runs on UE3, does it not? The Xbox 360 has fallen significantly behind all current PC technology.

    Also Bio Shock does, and we know that tech demo was running in real time.

    Maybe this is a "Rainbox Six sucks and only exists as a title" problem, and not a game or performance problem?
  6. GOW is the best xbox360 looking game..

    it also has AF 4x I beleive, and it never stutered on me. Why its only 4v4.... well there are a few reasons:

    for one, GOW wouldn't be fun if it was 10 v 10. The style of play just isn't like that. If youve played the game then you know. Epic is aiming for a strategic, team based game.. and so far its pretty good... Im sure it could support more players if it was coded for it.

    The problem I think is that Ubisoft did a shitty job with RB6v, and its not the engines fault... Its ubis fault.
    As for needing 2 880GTXs, and you having problems with rb6v, doesn't make sense.

    RB6v worked fine on my computer.
    7800 bfg gtx oc
    1 gb ram

    with screen resolution to max, and everything on high. there were some instances were the frame rate dropped, but not by much.
  7. Quote:

    The problem I think is that Ubisoft did a shitty job with RB6v, and its not the engines fault... Its ubis fault.

    May I add EA's NFS Carbon. There is no reason the game should run as shitty as it does. It's not that beautiful. One really bad crossover.
  8. God, I hope you're wrong. I just want to reach over to that game and molest it's shiny @$$. It looks so damn pretty.
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