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I'm looking for a good, recent driving game for the PC in the mould of Gran Turismo/Project Gotham.

Yes, I know both of the above aren't considered great driving simulations, and there are far better ones on the PC (GTR2, The Race, etc), but I'm not too fussed about "simulation", and I'm not a big fan of racing cars - I prefer driving games with "normal" (i.e. production cars).

I find Need for Speed, Midnight Club, etc, a bit too "arcadey" - I'm really looking for something in between them and full-on racing sims like GTR2, etc.

Also I say "recent" as I've now bought a decent PC (Core 2 Duo, E6600, nVidia GeForce 7950GX2, 2GB RAM @ 667Mhz) and would like something with decent visuals, etc.

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  1. This kinda fits your description! Search Trackmania Nations(it's free, great graphics, fun) and if you like that, I would definetely get Trackmania United. If you have questions, send me a PM!
  2. Three words: test drive unlimited
  3. You want the ultimate racing game?
  4. Quote:
    You want the ultimate racing game?

    he said he didn't want a simulator.
  5. Have you tried a simulator, but with the realism options turned off? :wink:
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