Windows 98SE Memory Problems

I have an old computer I still use with Windows 98SE on it. It seems the RAM is quickly consumed by some of the newer programs like Real Player, and various others.

I've read about memory managers, but don't know which one I should download. Any freeware anybody recommends? I keep reading posts where people say 98SE is very stable, as long as you use a memory manager. Mine, on the other hand, keeps freezing all the time.
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  1. Here's a link to cacheman. Free to try but costs $10, I think. haven't tried it myself. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  2. Thanks a lot coyote. I'll try it out.

  3. Also try RamIdle, worked great with 98 on my PC.

    Get it for free from or

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  4. Thanks DCB. I'll also try this one out.
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