Sony finally hits 1 million PS3s shipped

Sony finally hits 1 million PS3s shipped.
But how many have been sold?
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  1. Not anywhere near that many.

    Pretty much every store that sells video games in my area has a stockpile of the blasted things and they can't sell them.

    One store resorted to announcing every few minutes over the loudspeaker that they had PS3s in stock. It made them sound like they were desperate to sell them. The first time we heard the announcement there was laughter in several sections of the video game department, both from employees and customers.

    I have to wonder if stores have sold as many as they currently have in stock. I'm thinking no.
  2. Quote:
    "It's not that we've gotten more PS3s than Wiis, it's just that no one wants them. We've seen a few returned. We have four in the store right now," he said. He also told of people coming in with multiple systems and no receipts, looking for cash back after their eBay listings failed to gather attention. "If you told me that I would have PS3s to sell and that I won't be able to get enough Wiis back in October, I would have laughed at you," he went on. He also detailed a memo from a regional vice president telling managers to put up a hand-written note telling customers that the PS3 is in stock.

    Pretty much sums it up.
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