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So I upgraded a PC with a Q6600 Quad Core processor.

This thing has a Nvidia 8400GT.

This is a Gateway Machine that is about 2.5 years old that had Vista 32bit home edition and was recently upgraded to Windows 7 64bit.

I kept getting a blue screen because of the Nvidia outdated driver so I updated it and the screen went away. Now when I turn on the bubble screen saver the comp freezes and hangs. The screensaver worked fine with Vista, but is causing a full freeze with Windows 7. All the other screensavers work fine.

Is there a fix for this problem, could it be driver related? Any other ideas or suggestions.
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  1. if you have the installation disk, try reinstalling it
  2. I would either not use the bubble screen saver, reinstall it if possible (not familiar with reinstalling screensavers), or repair Windows.
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