RDRAM (Intel 850E) vs. DDR (Intel 845G)

I am building a computer to work as an audio workstation and I HAVE to use an Intel Processor and Chipset in order for my audio hardware to be compatible and work without having severe problems.

This basiaclly equates to Pentium 4 and either a 850E chipset or the 845G for DDR.

I've read the reviews on both of them and it seems that the 850E outshines the 845G in terms of memory performance with the RDRAM. I'm coming closer to making my decision on going with 850E, but I thought that I'd ask all of you what you thought about it.

I'm forced to use an intel processor and shipset so these seem like the two best. I was going to wait for the SiS 648 but alas... it's not an intel chipset so that's a no no.

I'll just be saving up for that gaming platform that'll use THAT one. hehe

What do you guys think about these 2 chipsets? How do they compare to eachother in your opinion?
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  1. Well, the best P4 board on the market uses an i850E chipset, namely the Gigabyte GA-8IHXP. Also, I've heard of a few incompatabilities with i845 chispets, but nothing concrete yet.

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  2. AS crashman say use gigabytes they use the new Southbrige so better PCI/IO performance wich help under audio

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