Crysis freezes Screen negative flashing.

Whenever i play Crysis, Crysis warhead, or Crysis wars, My computer freezes and then i get the "A display driver has stopped responding but was successfully recovered" message. I then updated my driver, and the problem seemed to be gone.

The next time i played it, i got to about 10 minutes and then the game froze, and it said crysis is not responding, but the screen is negative. even after i close Crysis. I tried rolling back the driver, but the problem stayed. what's weird is that it is negative in some parts, but not others. The task bar is normal, but the start button is negative, and half of the screen is and other half isn't. It is like this and the random different section are flashing between negative and normal, but black stays black while red turns green and orange purple.

I haven't tried any other games yet but im downloading spore right now to try that. ill post when i get it installed!
This stays until i restart, and then everything is normal again. Thanks!
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  1. swap vid cards, try Nvidia
  2. I don't have another video card, but spore worked fine so i think its probably a direct x problem. Would running it on an earlier version help?
  3. from the Guru 3D website, seems the 10.7, 7a,7b drivers are pretty good
  4. Thanks, that got rid of the flashing negative thing, and it took longer but it still froze.
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    Great, use CC cleaner to remove all the ATI drivers and then reinstall 10.7, if the CCC is seperate be sure to remove it too
  6. Thanks! Ill run it and see if it works!
  7. Nope, still froze. Damn!
  8. OK, well you fixed my main problem, plenty of questions on crysis freezing already. Thanks for all the help
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  10. Thanks
  11. are you sure you are not running the gpu too hot?
  12. I don't think so, because i used to play it on the same settings on win 7 rc but the new patches probably made the graphics better so ill give it a try
  13. Nope, 59C, fan speed never above 30%
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