need motherboards questions answered please

I need a new motherboard for one of my computers but i'm not 100% sure if it will work with my processor.The processor that i have is a AMD Thunderbird socket a 200 FSB not the 266 fsb! and i use pc133 ram

these are the motherboards i was interested in:

ABIT KT7A Athlon Socket A 200/266 FSB Mainboard
this what the specification i was not sure about
1. Supports AMD-K7 Duron 600MHZ-850MHZ or future 200MHz FSB Socket A Processors
2. Supports AMD-K7 Athlon 700MHZ-1.2GHZ or 200/266MHz FSB Socket A Processors
3. Supports 200/266 MHz Alpha EV6 bus for the AMD Athlon & Duron Processors

i notice it said duron 650mhz or future and i thought the thunderbirds had the same voltage as them? Also it says AMD k7 athlon but only 266 FSB and i have a thunderbird 1.3 200 FSB
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  1. It should work fine with your cpu. The bios upgrade for your cpu support dates back to July 2001, so you may have to flash the bios. If you need instructions, I will send them to you.
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