Oblivion Frame Rate Problems

Recently I got an X1900 XT so I could play oblivion better. I was getting FPS around 30 outdoors, which was great. More than double what I would get sometimes with my old 6800GS.

Now, all of a sudden, my frame rates are in the single digits outside, for no apparent reason. My card still scores almost 9000 on 3DMark05, and using F.E.A.R's built in test, it puts out 70 FPS. So it's definitely not the card. And for anyone who has played oblivion, I have no sound in the opening credits.

Any ideas?
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  1. Did you update drivers recently? It's possible there's a bug or an improper install.
  2. Did you up the graphics in Oblivion with the new card? If you're enabling HDR+AA you'll most likely see a performance drop with that kind of eye candy.

    Could also be a driver conflict--did you uninstall the old nVidia drivers, run driver cleaner pro, BEFORE installing the new ATI drivers?
  3. I didn't know of driver clearner pro. I uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers, rebooted, and installed the ATI. I guess something got corrupted, because I fixed this in the most round about way possible.

    Re-installing windows :D
  4. Unfortunately its not uncommon when switching from two GPU manufacturers...

    A friend of mine just went from an ATi 9200 AGP to a nVidia 7800GS and now his system is bogging down left and right because of driver conflicts...
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