Buying a Gaming Rig for under $1000

So I need to buy a desktop PC + Monitor for about $1000 before shipping.

Here's what I've come to thus far: (click specifications for more info)

It's only $730, it has a TV tuner w/remote built in which is perfect for my dorm room. 2gb of DDR2, Dual-Core Intel Pentium D Processor 930(3.0GHz).

I throw in a $150 flat screen monitor, and $110 for a GeForce 7600GT after the rebate... comes to $990.


It's $790, no TV tuner so I have to get a TV tuner somewhere else for $40, it has a Dual-Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+(2.6GHz), and a NVIDIA GeForce 6100.

Throw in the monitor and its $940 for the sytem.

Now here is where my dillema comes in, the dual-core AMD processor on the 2nd system is supposed to be much better than the dual-core Pentium D on the 1st system.

BUUUT, on the first system I have room to buy a nice video card where on the second one I stick with the 6100. The catch is that I can buy a DX10 Generation Video card in a few months and so my final specs for the second system will be:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+(2.6GHz)
2gb DDR2 RAM
Some Fancy DirectX 10 Video Card

or I can stick with the first system, which will cost about the same after te TV tuner for the 2nd and I will get

Dual-Core Intel Pentium D Processor 930(3.0GHz)
2gb DDR2 RAM
GeForce 7600GT

2nd system will cost more and will have a lesser video card until I can replace it in a few months with a next-gen video card.

1st system has the TV tuner built in and will initially be a much stronger system at first (unless the processor difference is really such a big deal).

I want to hear more opinions before I decide on this.
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  1. Me myself would pick neither, for the following reasons.
    -The DX10 boom is about to happen, card prices will go down
    -Go with a Intel E6600 for a processor
    -Build your own!!, its not that hard. You will get 10x the computer for that same price
    -If you decide to go ahead and buy now, you won't be able to play any DX10 games

    So just wait till Vista is out, and get the latest hardware for around $1000.
  2. Yeah,
    Your gonna want a dual core if you plan on future gaming. A E6300 is a good cheap starting point on a highly upgradable and mainstream motherboard (965, 975).
    Definently some seperate GPU. Onboard is useless for anything more than minesweep, web browsing, or checking your email :wink:
    You may be better off getting some DX9 card such as the 7600GT right now if you want more hard drive space or other pricey budget crunching perks and upgrading to a mid-range DX10 card in their future appearance (if you want gaming longevity). Ofcourse you need to weight out your preferences yourself.

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