845G vs 845E

Is there any advantage to the intel 845G chipset over the 845E besides onboard video? I don't need the onboard video, but I will get the 845G if there are other advantages over the 845E.
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  1. I doubt you will notice any significant performance differences. I would go for price versus features with your mobo purchase, and stick with asus, abit, msi, or gigabyte.
  2. Anyway, one of the last MOBO issues at www.tomshardware.com shows a certain speed advantage of Intel 845G

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  3. Check out the Abit IT7 if you have no need for legacy ports.
    Also look into it if you feel you will need USB 2.0 and firewire. It also has onboard LAN and onboard 5.1 audio.
    Not to mention onboard super RAID lol. It has 4 chanal RAID!

    But i think version G has onboard graphics and version E doesn't. Thats my understanding.

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  4. i would go for the 845g just for the unofficial pc2700 support...but i hear the 845E is a good overclocker (more specifically the asus P4B533)

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