playing ps2 on a monitor

hey im gonna buy a ps2 sometime this week and right now i have a 17inch CRT monitor that i use with my 360.
if i buy these items, will the picture quality be clear and will all the games work cuz i heard certain games dont work on a monitor.
im buying this adapter along with a ps2 component cable

do i need something else or can anyone else with experience in this give me some advice. i tried Vdigi and they are out of stock and who knows when it will be back in stock. thanks in advance
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  1. I got something like that, it did not work since my LCD monitor I guess would not accept such low resolutions that the adaptor gives out. I would not be surprised if the same thing happened to you, as LCD monitors tend to be a bit inflexible when it comes to resolution range.

    I bet it would work well on a CRT or a LCD TV though.
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