Hey... Red Alert 2...

Ok well, I have been trying to play this forever... .so if you can help I would be very greatfull, but anyways back to the chase:

First, I bought a C&C pack= renegade, yuris revenges, and like 3 others, but it wouldnt work so i went to the store exchanged it for the command and conquer the first decade pack, and got home, (it said windows xp compatibal: but then i gte home, and my dad was like, it says its a dvd, your drive is not a dvd drive....... so i get my moms CD, and put it in, and then it loads up, (not the decade cd) and I click install, then it just disappears, it wont install, and I have tried alot of different stuff.. if you can help thanks, if not thanks for trying
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  1. Yah what, you magically turned the DVD in to a CD or are you referring to a DVD drive as a CD or are you talking about a Red Alert 2 CD you had lying about?
  2. You are trying to put a DVD rom into a CD drive?

    DVD =/= CD.
  3. no.. I said i got one of my moms CDs, its a red alert 2 CD, because the renegade first decade wouldnt run in my cs drive.... and now i click install on the Red alert 2 CD when the box pops up, and it just goes byebye and doesnt install!! :(
  4. RA2 had 2 CDs. If one does not work, try the other one, I can't remember if one of them was supposed to be the install CD.

    Also if it just closes when the CD pops up, try exploring the CD (open My Computer, right click the CD, click explore) and look for a setup or install icon in there. Try doubleclicking that.

    Also you may want to consider buying a DVD drive. They really don't cost all that much and are easy to install. If you go to www.newegg.com or some other online sales site, you can get a DVD burner for less than $35 easily.

    RA2 was a great game, and Yuri's Revenge was a great expansion for it. Good luck getting it installed and have fun.
  5. I remember I had this problem as I wanted to play Red Alert 2 again.

    I don't remember EXACTLY what I did to fix it, but I do remember using Google and finding my answer relatively quickly. Normally I'd look it up for you, but it's 2:30AM and I'm tired and lazy :wink:
  6. alright well thanks guys, I found the problem, I opened a little program which now i cant find it... but then i typed D: (then hit enter) and then CD (hit enter) and i guess it worked I have no clue how though
    but thanks for helping
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