The $15,000 Gaming Chair and Other Gear from CES 2007

There were all sorts of crazy and intriguing gaming products at CES this year that promised to deliver "immersive gaming experiences," from ultra-expensive gaming chairs to 3D gaming controllers. In the second part of TwitchGuru's "Price of Geekdom" series, we examine gaming gear from the edge.
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  1. Some of the 3D mice sounded promising, but time will tell if they become viable gaming devices. Most of the other stuff sounded ridiculous - a gaming chair with the pricetag of a car indeed...
  2. I've sometimes considered building my own custom gaming chair. But then again I just love building things. Far more fun than paying for a $15,000 chair.
  3. People build some pretty cool gaming chairs out of PVC. One guy even built a functioning racing chair that could pitch and roll for pretty cheap. They definitely don't look as cool, but they're definitely creative.
  4. Rise, I command you to rise.
  5. ^^ lol i was about to post the same thing.

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