where's the WoW expansion discussion???

come on guys, it came out yesterday and there's no topic here about it? :) I am just waiting for my pre-ordered copy to come in from best buy.

just wondering if anyone took days off or played late into the night yesterday to try it out? I tried to connect and for the first time ever I had to wait in line to connect to Shattered Hand, a low population pvp server! I was really surprised since Monday night seemed so dead.

Just interested if anyone has found anything interesting yet, if they are enjoying the new continent, are there huge horde vs alliance battles going on outside the portal, etc? I'm lvl 57 atm, so I am trying to find spare time here and there to push myself to 60 on my first character, to prepare to be ready for expansion content. I hope to be ready by the time my expansion cd arrives.

I just hope the pre-expansion instances are not totally deserted because of ppl playing expansion, or I'll never get to try them out. :(
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  1. "Dude, did you...?" "Oh yeah! You?" "Oh yeah! You wanna...?" "Sure. How 'bout...?" "Cya there."

    * end of conversation *

    Give it a week. Their busy. :wink:
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