Howdy guys - gaming issues with COV (grahpical/cpu)

I'm running a :

CPU: 2.2g AMD Anthlon64 Clawhammer
RAM: 2gigs of 3200 Kingston
Video Card : Geforce 7800 GS OC
Western Digital HD 80g
Sound blaster Audigy 2
ASUS A8N-E Deluxe

I know these are slightly older but not that much, however I experience lag with all my settings on low or high around the huge city urban areas. The recommended settings are cranked all to high. I have played with these and I seem to get no affect. I usually hover around 18-45 fps depending on where I am at and what I am looking at, also images on the billboards are blurred out and take a while to load up(sometimes). I get in a instance and it runs smooth as a babies butt, but when I group with anything bigger then 6-8 people and there are numerous enemy's my computer will "skip" and "chug" while all the AoE effects are going on, even tho the frame rate stays solid for smoothness. I was wondering, is my CPU bottlenecking or what? I I am sliding a dual core into this old mobo in a few days , will that help it out? I can't buy a new rig at the moment but I am working towards it. But City of Villains I really didn't think was that demanding!? It feels like I have far the amount of specs for this game. But changing mutiple settings,drivers,overclocking,cold bug - slowing down my video card fan doesent seem to work. Any help?
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  1. Sorry took so long to get on this post havent checked coh forum lately: The duel core processor you hopefully recently installed will most likely fix your problems. I ran into the same problems with a clawhammer socket 754 at 2.5 ghz with 1.5 gigs of ram and a 7800gt. Close to your specs. I changed to the Asus Rock duel sata and the 3800x2 overclocked to 2.2 ghz and 2 gigs of ram. And bamm 95% of my problems are gone. COH ustilizes the second core to offload a lot of the new physics workload. Also you can go into your advanced graphics settings in options and turn down your particle count to 100 (the lowest) which helps a lot in those heavy special effects large battles and actually helps you see your own toon through dark armor and tones down all the glow from invulerability running unyielding. I personally turn down water effects to low as well. If you want I'll post all my tweaks on the game that seems to help the most.
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