Showdown: Asus A7S333 vs. MSI 6561

The specs on my new system are at the bottom. Both boards seem nice: they're made by reputable companies, run PC2700 RAM, have plenty of features, and run on the SiS 745 chipset (so no VIA Geforce4 issues). I've read that the A7S333 is nice but can't be OCed very well, but I can't seem to find any reviews. Any insight or recommendations regarding these boards?

Asus A7S333:

MSI 6561:

AMD 1800+|Gainward G4 Ti-4200 Golden Sample|Maxtor 40gb 7200rpm| Turtle Beach Santa Cruz|case?|mobo?|PSU?|512mb PC2700 DDR|Win XP

Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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  1. If you're overclocking, you may be better off using a Kt333 board. A inexpensive (about $80 US) board is the Epox 8k3a+, with that chipset. Good features, reliable, stable, and good pricing.

    If you need a PSU, i'd suggest and Antec or Enermax 350watt

    Antec and Enlight make good cases from my experience

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  2. I would prefer the Asus, but this is a subjective and personal decision. MSI is a good mobo too. Just compare the features and get the one with more useful features to you.

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  3. MSI is fine, but not as good for overclocking. MSI does offer many nice features, usually including many USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports. If you want to seriously overclock, the MSI will disappoint.

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  4. The A7S333 has no voltage controls and no 1:5 PCI bus divider, so it's not much of an OC'er. My understanding is that the MSI board has both. I too am biased in favour of ASUS, and the A7S333 is certainly stable running at spec and 1:1 FSB:memory ratio (PC2100 DDR, PC2700 isn't worthwhile, on this board especially). However, if you want to OC, you gotta go with the MSI board. If you want a 'bargain' system board to run at spec then I would go with the ASUS board.
  5. Since when was the Asus A7V333 a bargain board? It has memory timing control, voltage, extra dividers (automatic), and very stable. Asus doesn't make bargain boards, they make solid boards.

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  6. if u noticed he said A7S333...not A7V333...... =)

    and yes, i have the A7S333...i wanna know why theres no voltage controls anywhere....u can change the multiplier AND FSB in 1MHz incrememnts.....but i want more voltage dammit!

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  7. Yeah, the V333 has so much more going for it in the ways of OCing and performance..

    Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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