XBOX 360 controllers for the PC?

I've been hearing a lot about using the XBOX 360 controllers (both wired and wireless) for PC gaming.

From what I understand, the XBOX 360 works with the wireless controllers via an internal wireless adaptor. Does that mean if you wanted to get a wireless version specifically for the PC, it'd be a different model, presumably sold with a USB wireless adaptor? Or does the standard wireless model have some other way to connect with a PC?

What I'm really interested in is the MS XBOX 360 racing wheel. I want to use it on the PC (and XBOX 360), do I need to wait for a version that is sold specifically for the PC?

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  1. What you would need is the Wireless Gaming Receiver ($20 US), though it's apparently not out yet (EBGames has a release date of Feb 6th). It works with existing Xbox 360 wireless controls.

    The Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows lets you take your quality, wireless gaming experiences that you enjoy on your console and experience them on your Windows gaming platform.

    Will work with future Xbox 360 Wireless Accessories.
    Provides up to a 30-foot range for complete wireless freedom.
    Use up to four Wireless Controllers and four Wireless Headsets simultaneously with one Wireless Gaming Receiver.
    Easily integrates with PC gaming scenarios and utilizes the same binding technology as Xbox 360.
    Provides a great value by eliminating the need for additional accessories for Windows-based gaming at an attractive price point.
    Plugs into a PC USB port and has a six foot cable.
    Future drivers available for Windows Vista™ and Force Feedback for the Wireless Racing Wheel.
    Wireless Gaming Receiver is coming soon!
  2. Word! Thanks for the reply man, this makes me all warm and fuzzy 8)
  3. Me too, as I already have four wireless controls. :wink:
  4. I dont even want to know what you do to your self with 4 wireless control pads :?
  5. :lol: I had to re-read to get that.

    My 360 is hooked up right next to my PC. I anticipated playing four player a lot, but I only did it for a month or two after launch as everyone else is still playing the original Xbox. Sadly, I do use the controls by myself, I had to play two player alone this week to unlock a co-op acheivement in an arcade game. :cry:
  6. Are they worth it?

    I like the feel of the controller, but for $50, is it worth it?
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