Cat 5 vs Cat 7 wiring for office computer systems

WhAT WIRING SYSTEM IF MOST APPROPRIATE FOR MY OFFICE COMPUTER SYSTEMS. We are a large dental office utilizing paperless systems, x-rays, and billing a1nd paperless patient charts. We need lots of speed !!!
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  1. if you need lots of speed then go for the higher rating cat 7?
  2. The missing Cat 6 would be more than enough. There are few switches that can maximise a Cat 7 set up so really it is over kill. That said if the cost is not massively more then it is always best to go for the higher grade
  3. You should be fine with Cat5e wiring. It can carry 1Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet) just fine. Cat7 is only really needed for 10Gbps which is still very expensive and quite rare outside the datacentre.

    If Cat6 is not too much more expensive, you could go for that but it's not really necessary.
  4. +1 to molletts! cat7 will not speed up your network, until you change all network card, switches and router.
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