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While discussing the PS3 in another thread, the question came up whether most gamers with an XBox 360 or PS3 also own and HDTV or not. Rob Wright suggested a forum poll on the matter, and I thought it would be a good idea. Please add your thoughts as well...
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  1. Quote:
    While discussing the PS3 in another thread, the question came up whether most gamers with an XBox 360 or PS3 also own and HDTV or not. Rob Wright suggested a forum poll on the matter, and I thought it would be a good idea. Please add your thoughts as well...

    I think you should make it checkboxes. Some people use their HDTV for PC gaming and console gaming.
  2. I didn't know how to make check boxes, but there is an entry for that. I tried to cover all the basses, and I only want people to be able to pick one.
  3. Good idea on the poll, a few options I wish were there aren't there (Like I consider a Wii next-gen, but you don't need an HDTV for that), but it's a good idea.
  4. Wii is next gen, but its not HD capable, and the poll is focused on HD, so I intentionally left it out. What other options did I miss?
  5. Wii was the main one, but the other was Not having an HDTV, planning on getting one, but not using it for games.
  6. Well, I have an HDTV, and an HD projector, but my PC & console gaming is done on a Dell 2407. The TV and projector are used for movies mostly. Didn't have that option.
  7. I figured whatever I missed people would discuss...
  8. I don't disagree with you at all. I guess I should have clarified what I meant by HDTV with a PC, since a lot of larger monitors serve the same purpose.
  9. So, if I have HDTV and Wii (it is 480p) what should I click?
  10. I would say the first option. Even though Wii isn't HD, the poll was more about how many gamers have HDTVs than what they use them with.

    We are just curious as to whether a higher percentage of Gamers have HDTVs than the rest of the population.
  11. I think what you get here is not the " if higher percentage of gamers have HDTVs ", but "if higher percentage of gamers that visit tomshardware have HDTVs". I think the difference is big, and it is quite safe to say that tomshardware visitors are hardware enthusiasts and thus have much higher chance of having HDTV, gamers or not.

    If you want to decouple statistics from hardware enthusiasm, then it is better to post on some pure gaming site, such as GameSpot.
  12. Yeah yeah I know... This is just to satisfy my own curiosity anyway. I have already seen statistics stating that a higher percentage of Next-Gen owners own HDTVs than among others (as if I didn't know that without the stats).
  13. Aside from the 4:3 ratio, I still prefer a standard TV even for DVDs. (I can't see the makeup on the actors in newer movies - I saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters on DLP & this was a significant problem - and older movies don't have the image quality for it anyway)

    My view just gets harsher when we're talking about low resolution 4:3 consoles. The only thing I have that can even go widescreen is a Wii. I imagine an HDTV would be nice with an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3, but I'm not interested at the moment. I have a PC for those games, and my monitor goes to 1600x1200 anyway, so I'm already at or beyond (depending on how you look at it) HDTV levels.

    It also doesn't help that I'm just plain used to CRTs, and also that I like to see the pixels in games... >_>

    I may be a more than slightly non-standard case though.
  14. Its makes a big difference on the PS3 (obviously), but I must say I preferred widescreen format for the PS2 games that supported it as well.

    As for TV, I don't watch much regular TV in HD, though I do try to watch all my sports in HD.
  15. My monitor is showing its age and will be replaced by a HD capable monitor soon, but it REALLY bothers me that I have to carefully ensure the one I purchase supports the necessary DRM restrictions and HD encoding for future media formats (HDDVD, Blueray).

    I am a computer tech/installer/support person, and I have NO CLUE what kind of HD TV I would purchase if I went in a store today. I would want it to do EVERYTHING, because it seems there are endless issues with this tv not supporting that resolution, etc. I want 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p capable, two hdmi outputs AND a DVI port for my PC. I want digital audio input and output, and I want standard definition broadcast to NOT look horrible (because most still is not HD). I want a 3 year warranty AT LEAST (because a CRT tv lasts 5 years EASILY, theres NO reason I should spend more for lesser longevity).

    Does that sound like I'm demanding? I don't think so. All of these options are things which are available for purchase and may be used by the consumer. why do ALL modern LCD tv's not have all of this? because it's all a load of non-standardized crap. SIMLPLIFY or I'm not interested.

    if the guys at THG can't get their PS3 looking beautiful on an HDTV capable monitor and/or tv better than what I own, it tells me there's a BIG technology problem.
  16. Your arguments are one of the reasons why I went with a CRT HDTV. My only complaint with it is that because of the slim design, there is sometimes discoloration in the corners (this is a common problem in the model). However, when watching most things, you don't see it.

    It looks great at both standard and HD resolutions (clearer picture than a friends 720p plasma, though the color isn't as clear and this is due to my TV being 1080i).

    My PS3 looks pretty good with it for the games I have played, though I haven't played any of the games at 1080 yet (such as NBA 07).
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