Gigabyte GA7VRXP and AMD AthlonXP 2100+ Problem

Ok so I've bought all the parts for my new computer and I put it all together. I double checked that the mobo supported the CPU several times... on the website it says supports AMD AthlonXP 1300+ and up, and the manual says 1.4ghz and up so I assumed that meant it supported the AXP 2100+ at 1.73 ghz.

Well, I don't know if it does or not anymore. When I boot up, the bios reports it as a 1500+ cpu, and I have updated to the latest version, released on July 9, 2002.

Any ideas?
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  1. Is the FSB speed 133MHz? On some gigabyte boards, even if the BIOS says "133" an on-board jumper also needs to be "shorted" to 133. Get the manual and look over all the jumpers and what they do, find the one that changes the bus from 100 to 133 and check to make sure you set it to 133. Because 13x100FSB = 1.3GHz which is a 1500+ and 13x133FSB = 1.73GHz which is what your CPU should be.

    A) Check the jumpers
    B) Make sure the BIOS is also set 133

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  2. I checked the manual, there's a switch on the mobo for 100/133. You are awesome, thanks.
  3. another case of RTFM! :wink:

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  4. Is your board running at XP 2100+ speed okay? I have same board and CPU but at 1.73GHz it locks up after 5-10 minutes, runs fine at 1.3GHz. I'm really interested to see if you have the same problem. If not, what revision is your board and what BIOS are you running? Thanks!
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