Lex motherboard : BN790TM BIOS update

Hi everyone, think this is my first post here. Okay my problem surrounds BIOS updating. I know what im doing with these programs, and everything is done. It comes up with new BIOS version. My NEW hard drive is picked up and all my bits and bobs.

Okay heres where the problem is. My OS loads, i see all my icons, i can click for my email. it downloads, then it hangs. FREZZES. i have replaced my hard disk, to a shiny new IBM 60 Gig. and i have a samsung 20 Gig as well.

I run a DURON 1GHZ with 131 meg of ram. OR i can put in a 512 133Mhz chip. problem happens no matter what memory i have in.

My specs
Duron 1Ghz
lex BN790TM VIA
G-force 3 Ti 200
131 meg (64 *2) or (64 + 512)
IBM 60 GIG deskstar ic35l060avva07
Samsung 20 gig
audigy gamer
creative dvd x8
liteon CDRW 24x10x40

Win 98 SE

And i have not updated my motherboard drivers
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  1. Sounds like a software problem to me, are you saying that this only started happening after you changed the BIOS? Were you having problems before the update? Does it only freeze in your email program? Oh and I'm guessing you have 128MB RAM not 131?

    Sorry for answering with a bunch of questions. :eek:
  2. No i have three memory chips available here, i have currently got in my system.

    A 512 meg Pc133 & 1 64 Pc133 = 589 meg

    it frezzes any time i put PC on, it just depends on when it wants to hang! I recently moved the two hard drives away from each other. I just think its Win98 being an arse again.

    i didnt have the problem before the BIOS update. i sent an email to the company asking for help as well.
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