first crysis now untreal tournament 3!!!! :-(

games just keep getting pushed back further aHH!!! and did i hear them mention dx10?? im getting real sick and tired of waiting months after months for a pc game that was dated june for the longest time...

watch the newest trailer interview.
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  1. Yeah well that's old news. I've been talking about that for quiet some time now. You have to look at it this way. Developers want to wait and see what the new DX10 video cards are going to be like under DX10. That includes the still unreleased R600 from ATI, which will be coming hopefully around March or so. Ones those vid. cards are out and the driver support gets on its feet on Vista than we will see the games start to come out. That is my theory.

    Until then we have solitaire :)
  2. I'm partial to Space Cadet Pinball myself.
  3. That sucks, but it doesn't, hopefully i'll have a crazy rig by then! Must save though.............
  4. I have just noticed the spelling in the topic of this thread.

    untreal tournament

    Sorry couldn't resist
  5. Bah, a few more months is nothing compared to waiting a few years for Stalker or Fallout 3 like i have
  6. Stalker should be out in March. That's what was stated in their latest trailer anyways. I am somewhat unexcited about that game. It should have came out last year to make it a hit. I think it is too late now for that game. Too many big hitters are coming to the PC this year to make Stalker look like crap unfortunately. Same goes to Halo2. I don't think too many people gives a sh1te about that either. The fact that it was an XBOX exclusive makes it even more unattractive to PC gamers i think.
  7. Just because Stalker didnt come out on Chernobyls(sp?) 10th ehh...aniversary year doesnt make it any worse. Concidering how atmospheric it suposedly is , according to some near last build previews, it was worth the wait, even though iv been following Stalker since 2002.
    Recently its been the only game with firearms in it iv been exited about since most everything else is run and gun nonsense where thinking is not only useless, its detrimental to your performance. Then again this is only my opinion and iv got a feeling this post of mine is veering off topic.
  8. Look at the bright side, it's highly unlikely that STALKER will be postponed again, this time. Although the excitement with regard to the used tech has mellowed down, I'm still really interested in what the game will really bring. Will the maps really be dynamic with regard to daylight and nighttime? Maybe not, but surely there will be maps of the same area either in the dark or during day time). Will there be dynamic weather? What will be the total playing area around the reactor? Will it be fun to play?

    And best of all, it will probably be rather light on required specs because of the time it took to develop and tune the game.
  9. Yeah i agree but unfortunately games that gets delayed so much tend to suck. I would love to see this game to succeed but it is just an outdated technology that they building on and if the game does not look interesting, noone will bother playing it no matter how fun it is.

    On the other hand look at UT3 do you think people care if the gameplay will suck or not? I don't think so because the game looks so damn good. I am not saying this is a good thing but it just the way it is these days. Unlike back at the good old DOOM and QUAKE days when gameplay was the most important thing not so much the graphics.
  10. Im sure this overempasizing of graphics will die out sooner or later and there will be games with both amazing visuals ad good gameplay in the future.
  11. Amen to that :lol:
  12. u need to wait or the games will be buggy paper weights.
    just imagine how bad hl2 would be if we didnt wait 6 YEARS!!
  13. Quote:
    Bah, a few more months is nothing compared to waiting a few years for Stalker or Fallout 3 like i have

    Fallout 3's wikipedia page notes:

    Release Status

    In February 2007, Bethesda stated that the game was "a fairly good ways away" from release, but that detailed information and previews would be available later in the year.

    Ooooh! This is good indeed....

    I played Wasteland back when I was a kid
    (MY CHARACTER WAS CHANGED INTO A WOMAN WITH THE WRONG GODDAMNED PASSWORD!) and it was newly released.. I hope this will be a worthy title in the series.

    As for Crysis - I hope it will be modifiable,.. I see a massive amount of potential in the engine for more realistic military simulations.
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