Making New Purchase, Intel 845G or 845GRG?

Buying a New PC = Please Help

I want to buy a new P-4, System and need advise as to which motherboard and chipset should I buy.

My primary use is for stock market data analysis and charting those data, and software for that requires computing power but not as much as the latest games .I also like to download and visit information from various websites specially Tom’s..

I am not a Game person, so am not worried about 3-D applications.

In my country following two configurations are available for the price I can afford.

My major concern is about the two motherboards namely Intel 845 G and Intel 845 GRG.

Salesman said 845 GRG Is a motherboard with Onboard AGP with Dynamic RAM ( 8MB To 48MB as required by application), Onboard LAN, Onboard audio. I know nothing about Motherboards.

I heard good things about 845 G on this site but never heard of 845 GRG.

Both Systems are almost the same price so quality, Reliability and Upgrading capability are my only concern. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice of AMD and below two systems are the only choice I have..

System – 1

P-4, 2.26 GHz
Intel 845 GRG Motherboard
512 KB Cache
128 MB DDR SDRAM ( 266 Mhz ), I will Upgrade to 256 MB
Onboard AGP ( With Dynamic RAM, 8 MB To 48 MB depending on application ) which I don’t understand
Onboard LAN
Onboard audio
40 GB 7200 RPM HDD
Other stuff is regular like Keyboard, Scroll Mouse, 56 K Internal Modem, 180 Watt Speakers

System – 2

P-4 2.26 GHz
Intel 845 G Motherboard
128 MB DDR SDRAM ( 266 MHz )
512 KB Cache
40 GB 7200 RPM HDD
Rest is Optional but I can also buy their regular stuff like Keyboard, Scroll Mouse, 56 K Internal Modem, 180 Watt Speakers

Would really appreciate any help.
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  1. Ok, I've also never heard of the GRG chipset. I have 1 question. Are you gonna overclock. Really if you're not going to, you should look to AMD. You can get an AMD system for a lot less and perform about the same. 128MB of RAM is definitely not enough. You'll need at least 256MB. (when do you plan to upgrade that?)

    If you do want to stick with a P4 system, get a mobo that you can overclock, get 256MB of RAM and a P4 1.8A to save money for the RAM. Then overclock to 2.4GHz. It'll give you a lot better performance than the P4 2.26B w/ 128MB of RAM.

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  2. Ok, that GRG is an actual <b>INTEL</b> mobo. It's a small mobo, it has only 3 PCI slots, but at least it has an AGP slot. As them if the Intel 845G has an AGP slot. Maybe the "G" is actually the "GL" version which doesn't have an AGP slot?

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  3. The onboard agp is built in graphics and the memory (VRAM) is reserved regual system memory, you will want to set this at the highest (48) if your going to use it. If you don't have a graphics card & NIC & Sound Card you can save some money by going with the GRG mobo. Those built in features usually don't offer the greatest performance though. Using the onboard AGP means your going to need more RAM as that RAM will not be available to Windows, 128 - 48 = 80! I would suggest more than 256.
  4. Thank You Chuck,

    First most people never heard of AMD in my country so Intel is the Goliaths & hence I do not have a choice of AMD in my country.
    Second I am going to order the system with 256 MB DDR.
    Third I do not know the ABC of overclocking.
    Fourth there is also 845 GL available but it has only P-4, 1.6 Processor.
    So I am stuck with P-4, 2.26 which is the highest configuration available at a price I can afford.

    Do you or anybody know of a site or sites ( Besides Intel ) where I can educate myself about different motherboards? I think it is time I find out what am I getting for my hard earned money. Please give URS if you know.

    One other concern raised by someone was how big a power supply would I need? How many watts considering 2HDD,Cd-ROM,Cd-RW,Sound,Videoetc.all installed?

    Really appreciate your help.

  5. Any quality power supply, such as Antec, enermax, sparkle, etc with the p4 adapter will work fine, but I recommend about 350-400 watts, if you can afford it. If you are short on cash, just try the standard power supply that comes with your case. If your system runs stable (without random reboots or freeze-ups) then you should be fine. It won't hurt anything to try it.
  6. Here you go:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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