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gigabyte xp board

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August 3, 2002 8:04:33 PM

i got one of those new gigabyte ga-7vrxp 333 borads and im telling ya it aint a good board at all.... for all my 11 years of computer experiance i aint come across such a hardware breaker.... i had it for 2 weeks and yesterday it fried my 40gb hard drive.... i thought it was a crap hard drive so continued using it.... then today it goes and fries my 2 80gb drives which i was using as a raid 0 array.... now thats 200gb of hard work!!!! i have found its not just me that has has had problems with gigabyte boards doing this so if i were you i would give it a miss.... i dont think i can claim my hard drives back but im for damn sure sending the board back to the mail order company on monday.... i have got plenty experience in computers so its not like i f*cked up.... im just glad my geforce 4 ti 4600, 1gb pc 2700, audigy platinum and my other 2 drives aint ruined.... all my other hardware works fine on this mobo (asus a7v333) so thank god!!!! no overclocking involved nor missuse.... so beware of gigabyte. nuff said

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a c 436 V Motherboard
August 3, 2002 11:55:46 PM

What brand of hardrives are they? Most come with a 3 year warranty. I would call the manufacturer direct, and bypass the vender.
August 4, 2002 10:25:20 AM

all 3 are ibm.... i know ibm aint that great but hey its got too be the motherboard as its new and no way 3 would die in the space of 2 days....
gonna take 2 80gb back too the store i got em from as they are only 4-6 weeks old.... and i aint wanting replacements!!! ibm suck. apparently ibm say you shouldnt use em for more than 11hours in a row which too me is absolute rubbish as most people keep computers on for longer than that. i wish i knew all this before buying them.... im gonna stick with seagate and maxtor in future... had no problems with maxtor and seagate but ibm i found do crash but as i said before its must be the motherboard that caused it in the first place...
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August 4, 2002 6:29:31 PM

power suply brand? I think the mobo has nothing to do with this problem... Gigabyte is one of the best kt333 board
August 4, 2002 11:00:27 PM

enermax 550watt... not the power supply for sure.... its not had any problems at all.... the gigbyte board is only 2 weeks old and it fried 3 hdd.... im still using it and its 100% fine on my asus board.... checked bios and all reading for the power are a-ok.... i know for a fact gigabyte aint the best boards on the market as they have high failure rate quote gigabyte scare me... *reminders of horrificly high failure rates and long RMA procedures* unquote.... thats from someone who owns a overclocking website/hardware store.... been around computers for a long time and agrees with me... i know what you are saying about the power unit but theres no way that a power unit would cos 3 hdd to fail and not blow anything else... i had 2 other drives linked on there as well as the pci slots taken up (not all) i ran tests too make sure the unit could take all the load i was putting on it with 3 of my boards and all is fine.... the gigabyte board must be the weak link..... myself i have been around computers for 11 years coming up 12 and im sure about the board being at fault.... if the power unit was at fault why wasnt more sensitive products such as a geforce 4 and a 2100+ athlon not effected.... my vote gigabyte may of pushed the boundary of its technology thats why its such a fast mobo.... i may of picked up a lemon.... the asus board too my knowledge uses slightly more power than the gigabyte as it has more fan connections and a few more bits and bobs like cpu protection so this would all add to strain on a psu.... am i talking crap now??? hmmmmmm perhaps but it would be shear coincendence that a new mobo created all the bother as its the newest piece of hardware....
August 5, 2002 7:24:05 PM

I have had the same problem with two separate mobo's in two different and good quality cases. It has me pissed. I've had good luck with Gigabyte in the past, but they're out of chances...any constructive feedback on this problem would be appreciated. I've had zero luck with Gigabyte techi support too.
August 7, 2002 4:33:54 PM

im sending my board back to the mail order company i got it from and they are willing too take it back but who knows what will happen after that.... going back 2morrow so i should find out by monday what will happen. i have heard good reviews on gigabyte boards in the past but the newer stuff in plagued with problems. i think and some others do 2 that gigabyte are out doing their technology by upping the performance too much thus given you lots of problems. i will let you now if i hear more back on the problem. i aint buying another gigabyte board thats for damn sure.