Unreal Tournament 99 Goty - Vista problems.. please help!

Hi There,

I just installed Vista @ my pc... besides all the new games I have... I also like to play the good old Unreal Tournament... The game runs fine... but the sound is all wrong... dunno how to explain in english :( It just isn't ok... you can hardly hear anything because of the bad sound...

I use the Creative Audidigy 2 ZS.. with the only beta-drivers that are available..

Anyone noticed any problems with this?
(I'm aware of the fact that not that many people play this game anymore... but I should give this a try...)


Greetz, Wishjuh
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  1. i had the same problem too.What i did was changing resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 then sound was normal and switched back too 800x600 and that sloved the problem for me hope i helped
  2. UnrealTournament\System, open your UnrealTournament.ini and scroll down to find the audio settings [Audio.GenericAudioSubsystem] and [Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem]. Find the latency setting for both. The default will be Latency=40. Change it to Latency=110.
    Unreal-UT my favs, other company didn't do Much with it after UT...=^(
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