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New Motherboard/CPU Combo

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August 4, 2002 3:04:24 AM

I'm looking into a new motherboard/CPU combo. I have an Inwin server case right now, ATX format, with an AMD 850 T-bird/Abit KT7 mobo and 512mbs of PC133 RAM, Geforce 2 64mb graphics card, 2 hard drives, 250 watt power supply (I think. I don't think it's 300). A lot of fans.

The system is just about exactly 2 years old and I haven't had any trouble with it at all, but there are some new games coming out and I want to upgrade. I'll be getting a new video card and the most power supply I can get, what I need help with is the motherboard/CPU combo. I want an AMD and I'm figuring on the biggest I can get right now, the 2200 1.8gig.

What is the best motherboard for this CPU? Is it worth it to get the 1.8gig CPU or is the performance of the slighly slower CPU's not that much different. I got the 850 T-bird when the biggest was 950 because the difference in the 2 cpu's was negligible. Is that the case with the 1.8 vs the 1.73?


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August 4, 2002 3:56:01 AM

Why do you want the 2200+, besides the fact that it's the fastest AMD CPU?

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August 4, 2002 4:55:48 AM

If you want to go with a name that has served you well for two years, the Abit AT7 is a great board which will support your chip. The AT7 and the Soyo Dragon KT333 Ultra are very good boards and would probably serve as a good upgrade.

The 2200+ does offer a small performance increase over the 2100+, but it's not going to be noticeable. You may wish to save $70 and get the 2100+ instead - your call. For best performance and stability also invest in good quality, name-brand CAS 2.0 DDR. The price for "the good stuff" is no more than $20 and very worth-while!

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August 4, 2002 5:46:04 AM

I agree with the guy above on MB brands. A chipset that supports DDR 333 is best.

Regarding the CPU....The 2200 is a different design CPU that gets hot as hell and can not overclock well. The 2100 with just a little overclocking will probaby be faster and of course its cheaper.
August 4, 2002 7:10:06 PM

2100+ will be fine.

Get MSI KT3 Ultra or ASUS A7V333. Don't buy Gigabyte.
August 4, 2002 7:14:58 PM

Never buy the fastest cpu on the market because it's performance isn't much better than the previus cpu but the price is too much..
So gor for 2000+ i think.
As the board, epox 8kta3+(i forget the name again, damn!)
The via333 board of epox is VERY fast and enough stable to buy. if you want raid go for the "+" version.

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August 5, 2002 3:22:02 AM

Thanks everyone. That was a big help. I appreciate it.
August 5, 2002 6:51:34 AM

Sorry to bother everyone again, but I have a couple more questions. I've decided to go with either the Abit AT7 or the ASUS A7V333.

The problem is that I've just read that it's "all over" that the Abit board doesn't support Win98. I've been looking "all over" for hours and that's the first time I read that this board doesn't support Win98. Is this right? Does the Asus board support Win98? Can DDR RAM be used with Win98?

I'm not getting Windows XP. If I can't use these boards, the processor, or the RAM with Win98, then I'll upgrade my CPU to the most my current mobo will handle and get the new video card and that'll be it.

August 5, 2002 4:27:47 PM

Windows 98 will work fine, and yes DDR works with windows 98. AS soon as you get the board up and running update the BIOS, and once windows is done spend some time DL'ing off Windows update and you'll be fine.

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August 5, 2002 4:57:33 PM

August 5, 2002 10:49:41 PM

Please note that Windows 98 has problems supporting more than 768MB of ram. Most of today's computer users install 512-768MB ram minimum, then upgrade later from there. Just figured I'd add this note.

If anyone else has an opinion about this, add a reply.