What was the Best rig ever you put together....

Mine was a abit KG-7 with a xp2000,thermaltake 7, a radeon 9000 pro, micronpc 2100 ddr ecc cl2 ,and a sound blaster sound card.....At first ati wasn't so hot on getting the drivers right for gamers but slowly evolved...My son still plays all his games on it with decent framerates,cruzes the internet with fair amount of speed for what it is...Whats your best that you assembled yourself ?
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  1. It could be todays rig or yesteryears,its jus the best for that time or ran the best or is still going....and going... :)
  2. hehe thats easy, but probably before u were born! circa 1980

    my ole Apple II, expanded it to a 16k ram card, with a novacat 300 baud modem and 2 INDUS GT 360k drives.

    these drives were very cool with a smoke plastic flip top for dust covering and a separate button to lock the writing to the 5 and 1/4 disks.

    Got a color monitor for it too and Integer Rom chip programming...ahh thee old days!!

    Oh i forgot to mention the joystick controller, they called it a paddle control.

    And yes we were able to dial into BBS's back then which was almost like an internet.
  3. Wow - that brings back memories of my own II+...

    Escape from Castle Wolfenstein, running CP/M so we could use WordStar and Multiplan, a 16K RAM upgrade - those were the days!
  4. You old goobers. :P

    We had an Amiga 500 upgraded to 1MB of RAM! Color screen, built in speakers, 3.5" floppy drive built in to the keyboard. We also had the external floppy disk drive so we didn't have to swap disks for multi-disk games/programs.

    The keyboard was okay, but the mouse the buttons were weird. You had to click down the entire button to get it to work, using half your finger in an uncomfortable contortion exercise. A *click* was no indication of success.

    The joysticks were fine, but the Amiga would only recognize one action button, even though I had one with a top button and a trigger. I used Sega Genesis controls on it at one point. I think the B button was the only one that worked, besides the d-pad.

    I eventually learned my way around AmigaDOS. I even made my own boot disk that copied my most frequently used command line functions to a RAM disk for quicker execution, but a horrible boot time. :lol: The same disk would also make the computer start up saying, "Good morning, Jon." 8) (Why don't all PCs talk?) [/nostalgia]

    But my best computer is in my sig.
  5. Pentium 150 with 72 megs of ram (2 4's and 2 32's).
    S3 Virge for 2D graphics and a Diamond Monster 3DFX for 3D graphics.
    Sound Blaster AWE 64 Gold sound card (paid WAY too much for it, but I loved that card).
    Aztek spam card used for the 33.6k baud modem.
    NEC 17" CRT multisync monitor.
    Logitech Wingman digital extreme joystick.
    Stock keyboard.
    Logitech trackman Marble trackball.
    Stock mouse.
    Linksys 10baseT/10base2 network card.
    2GB Seagate IDE HDD, 5.4 GB 5400 RPM Western Digital IDE HDD.

    Back in the day this thing ruled the lan parties. Mechwarrior 2 3dfx edition was beautiful on this thing. Never since then have I had a computer that so thoroughly trounced everyone else's that I knew. Now that beast couldn't even competently browse the web what with the flash that shows up everywhere, but back in the day, that thing was a BEAST!
  6. My current flagship is also the most complex I've ever built, so I guess it qualifies on both grounds.

    I had to modify the CPU HSF backplate, among several other things.
    Antec 900
    OCZ 700w GameXStream
    EVGA 680i SLI (it's practically beta - but worth it)
    Intel E6400 currently @ a lowly 2.66 Ghz
    Zalman 9700 Copper w/ Arctic Silver Ceramique
    Corsair XMS2 2x512MB 6400C4 (yes I'll double or triple soon)
    XFX 7600 GT (yes, it's only temporary until Nvidia's 9 Series)
    Lite-On SOHW-1633S (this is actually ancient - I was too lazy to swap my NEC 3220A)
    Seagate 80GB 7200.9
    Seagate 400GB 7200.10
  7. hehe, You ole Raisinette :)

    you couldn't do Integer basic on amiga, most people used it for gaming. :(

    at the time the blind people that i was working with had voice synthesizers specifically for the apple II, and those programs were written in Integer :)

    Remember thee Old CHR strings that the Beagle bros were fond of and steve jobs wrote a very small help manual on them.

    THee most constructive use i got out of my experience with apple II's was reprogramming some of the existing software for voice synth for blind people. It made them so happy to be able to hear what they typed and what others had typed.

    THat's a great feeling to have!
    Look into your local federation of the blind and deaf and see if you can volunteer a few hrs!! Using one's technical abilities to help these misfortunate people is extremely rewarding!
  8. That sounds like a great idea. I've always had compassion for blind people. Growing up, I'd frequently try to simulate blindness by turning off the lights, covering the windows with heavy sheets, and stuffing towels under the doors to keep the light out. Then I'd see how well I did normal activities with my eyes closed. I never did get adventurous enough to try going outside, but I did get a taste of how different life can be.

    Another thing that interests me is gaming with a handicap. We've seen strides taken with features that make games more accessible to the deaf, such as HL2 with its subtitles for audio clues, but I haven't looked into games for the blind. I'd imagine voice-synthesized text adventures would be a strong genre. I'll have to lookup what else is being done.
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