Xbox 360 Lag when Hosting???

Connection: 12mbs down 768kbs up
Router: D-Link DGL-4300

I'm running 2 Xbox 360s on the D-link DGL-4300 with firmware 1.7. I'm also running Rainbow Six Vegas on both. I can host 14 player matches beautifully with no lag on the one xbox. When I join my server with my other xbox, it really messes up my game. There's not too much visible lag but there's an insane nonstop ECHO when people talk. If I drop my server down to 10 people or less it pretty much goes away except in the lobby.

How can I tell the router to give my hosting xbox way more bandwidth than my guest xbox. GameFuel is enabled. Please Help.
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  1. I believe there's a setting in that router to prioritize all traffic from one ip/mac address as a higher priority than the other. I'm not sure how that would be affected (if at all) by gamefuel though.
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