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I recently bought an Asus A7S333 MB and on the box it has a Tomshardwareguide reader's choice award. I have searched on this site and many others for any reviews about the board and can't find one. If anyone knows where I can get one please share. Thanx in advance for any info. SIKO
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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">Look here.</A>

    Asus got the award. Not the mobo. Asus has that on all their mobo boxes.

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  2. Great purchase if you want stability IMHO.

    It has barely any tweaking options for overclocking but it's great. Great power regulation on the mainboard. Over the past month I have only had one crash that was accidental. No hideous crash bugs like with my old Epox board and no 4 in 1's either. Windows 98 detects it fine, no incompatibilities. Only one driver needed and it's the SiS AGP driver. Even so it still ran stable using just the Windows native driver.

    Just make sure you set memory to be SPD and not to aggressive timings, or else your system will run fine but will be less stable in certain applications. At CL 2 my memory is fully stable in the windows GUI but crashes in many 3d games, especially Half-Life. It's mainly due to the fact that I can't adjust the voltage for the RAM. Also let the BIOS choose IRQ and DMA settings by setting plug and play OS to no.

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  3. Thanks for the clarification guys, I realize it's an older board but fit right into my cash bracket. Cakecake regarding the SiS AGP driver where can I get it from. Thanx for the replies guys. SIKO

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  4. Sorry found the right place for this post
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