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Need advice on which mobo to get.

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August 5, 2002 5:16:52 PM

I plan on building my new system by the end of next month. I'm hoping that the P4 2.8b (or 2.6b) will be out by then... but if not, I'll probably go with a 2.2b and overclock it. (The system is being paid for by my school.) I WAS going to get the ASUS P4T533 w/ RIMM4200, but I'm hearing that the board is having alot of problems. So now I'm looking for a mobo that supports PC1066. I'm looking for something that can have a FSB over 160... and PCI lock, onboard audio... the works.

Any ideas?

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August 5, 2002 7:09:14 PM

Nah go with that board, you'll be fine. IF you want performance that's what I recommend. Alot of people get dramatic over mobo's when all they need to do is have efficient case cooling, a higher quality PSU, and name-brand quality RAM and not bargain bin crap.

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August 5, 2002 8:32:50 PM

As for your needs, I don't think there's a single 850E mobo that includes all those features :tongue: . Especially the FSB. The max I've seen is the GigaByte GA-8IHXP. It can get to 156MHz FSB tops. The only thing I'd say about the P4T533 is that it only comes with 256MB RDRAM and RIMM4200 is still pretty hard to find/get.

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