TFT/LCD Contrast:700:1,good enough for games & Anime?

I’m thinking about buying this TFT/LCD EIZO S1911SH:

Brightness / Contrast 300 cd/m2 / 700:1
On/Off Response Time: 6 ms (typical)
Midtone Response Time: 2 ms (typical)

It will be used for games (Doom3) and for watching Anime. (DVD/DivX/Xvid)

The specs & quality look good, but I’m rather skeptical about the low contrast: 700:1. It seems a bit low, as I’ve seen other monitors with higher contrast, 1000:1 – 2000:1. (LG)

Will Doom3 look too dark on this monitor?

Or should I go for this EIZO S1931 instead:

It has a higher contrast 1000:1, but lower brightness 280 cd/m2 and worse response times: On/Off Response Time: 16 ms, Midtone Response Time: 8 ms

Any opinions will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. That contrast seems awfully low to me, but you never know until you lay eyes on a monitor. I generally don't buy a screen I haven't tested myself for that very reason. If you can't physically test before you buy, make sure your vendor has a good return policy... :lol:
  2. After reading the info provided here:

    Great info about LCD, panels and technologies behind them:

    Panels of a LCD:

    However, since I want a TFT for both playing games & watching Anime (DVD,DivX,Xvid,etc...), none of these two monitors are perfect for my needs!

    The EIZO S1931 has a PVA panel, with better color, better viewing angles, better for movies but a little worse for games.

    And the EIZO S1911SH has a TN panel. It means, fast responses, not so good blacks, and lower viewing angles. if you move your head in front of the monitor, color and lightness will vary. this is not good for movies, but 2ms is good for games.

    I should mention that the cost at my local vendor is:
    EIZO S1911: 379Euro
    EIZO S1931: 499Euro
    They have an excellent return policy too.

    Hhmm... Now I'm in a delima as both Anime & Games are very important in my book and wouldn't want degraded performance in either of the two fields!

    Any suggestions?
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