PC2700 5:4 Option for real in 845G ?

I read the 1st part about the review of the 845g chipset mobos
and the reviewer claims that all boards they tested (except the intel 1) have unoffical PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR ram support.
Still im wondering if this is true
Non of the sites claim to have it nor the technical manuals of those mobos mention the 5:4 setting (only 1:1 and 4:3)
Can some1 confirm this ??
i am going to buy my pc very soon
now i am wanting to buy a 845g chipset mobo if it has PC2700 support or should i stick it to safe and buy a sis 645DX system instead ?
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  1. The FSB/RAM ratio of 3:4 will provide better results than 4:5 because it results in DDR354 speeds at 133MHz processor bus. Or DDR400 speeds at 150MHz FSB. So you don't really need the 4:5 ratio if you get the good PC3200 memory.

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  2. Read any review of an EPoX EP-4G4A+ and they'll say that they have support for DDR333. In the BIOS, they even have an option for AUTO, which is supposedly DDR333.

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  3. I have the Epox board and the 5:4 ratio is in fact abvailable in the bios as long as you have 133fsb

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