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Anyone know how to get support from Gigabyte? My newly built box locks up 5-10 minutes after boot, AMD site says my GZ7VRXP (recommended by Tom!) needs an ECN to run my Athlon XP2100+ but doesn't go into detail so I'm not sure if this fixes the lock up or not. I've emailed Gigabyte from their support page 5x over the last couple of weeks and still haven't gotten a response.
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  1. is it 2.0?

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  2. What, the BIOS or the board rev? The board rev is 1.1, the BIOS is F7, didn't go to F8 because it said it was only for a rev 2.0 board. Is that the damned problem?
  3. I can only relate my experience. I have two of these boards....they suck. Gigabyte has never returned my requests for assistance. I am trying to RMA mine back to the supplier (with little progress thus far). There are many posts on this board here.. check them out. Nobody seems to have a good solution, although I've seen mixed responses to increasing the core voltage 7.5 - 10%. My suggestion is to send the board back and avoid Gigabyte in the future.

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  4. Yeah, it's the mobo... I had the same one, it locked up 5 minutes into any given game. Upping the vcore to +7.5% fixed this, but it killed the quality. Games became really choppy, near unplayable, especially considering the system I was on. My suggestion- it's not worth trying to fix it. RMA it.

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  5. m8 I have the same problems with one I built for a friend. I couldn't get an MSI board and the giga-byte looked good for the money. Also added was an XP1700+ with Geforce4 Ti4200 64Meg, 512MB of PC2700 PC333 CL2.5 DDR. Sadly the board keeps giving random lockups in 3d applications and failing to boot properly. When it did run the 3dmark was down around 7300 when it should be nearer 10k Windows XP Pro OS. The solution to the problem after trying all the latest chipset and video drivers and BIOS updates was to take out the GF4 and replace it with a GF2 and it hasn’t had a lock up since. Not much joy for my m8 though who has paid for a G4, I’m hoping a BIOS update will sort this out.
    Judging by the number of posts on this issue and considering the excellent review this M/B recieved in the Guide maybe Tom might also look into it?

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  6. supposedly the 2.0 is better than the 1.1. If you can RMA it, I would at least try.

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