Halo pc problem!!!!!

I have Polaroid 32" LCD with vga and I just bought myself a Radeon 9550 Video Card and I installed Halo and it gives me a fatal error.

heres the Fatal Error Message:

a problem occurred initializing direct 3d.
hardware acceleration maybe disabled please run

Do you think its because of the TV or something else?

Maybe a settings problem or something..?

Any help or suggestions be much appreciated. Storm~
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  1. from my experience many of the Radeon cards had problems when you installed the new drivers (drivers from the web). I had a 9500 Pro and the card simply would not work if i updated the drivers. When i'd attempt to play game i would get "system memory too low" errors and "open GL could not initilize" errors. Basically it was as if the graphics drivers were not on the PC. The ONLY drivers that would work were the original drivers the card came with. If you updated your drivers then you may be in the same boat i was in.
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