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I noticed in the latest motherboard article, that DDR 333 was used in the Asus P4B533-V. All the DDR 333 SDRAM is PC2700, but when I look on Asus' site, it says that only PC2100 and PC1600 DDR SDRAM are supported by the motherboard. What am I missing?
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  1. The fact that you can overclock the memory bus on the board.

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  2. Good question SM.
    Bad, confusing answer CM.

    THG reviewed boards on July 22 which have as a chipset 845G, which unofficially in its latest implementation of its memory interface supports DDR333. How that support is accomplished I have no idea, because I am really a novice in this field. But the THG review said Intel improved the chip. Not sure if improving = overclocking?

    Now, one of the boards reviewed was the Asus P4B533-V. THG stated that this board supports DDR333. CrashMan, are you saying that support = overclocking? And if so, why would THG's review not state this fact?

    Back to the orginal question:
    THG stated that the ASUS P4B533-V with the 845G SUPPORTS DDR333 aka PC2700 memory, but Asus' main site only shows support for PC1600/2100 for that particular MB. What are the reasons for this important discrepancy?

    a) Because Intel has no official sanctioned the DDR333 support for its 845G, Asus chooses not to advertise DDR333 support till Intel does? ( My guess)

    b) This is a brand new version of the MB, and Marketing has not yet caught up in updating their webpages?

    c) <Insert CM's answer>
  3. Can't you do it without overclocking by selecting a different memory mode or timing in the BIOS. Isn't that what they did in the review? If im wrong, please tell me.
  4. The reason is because any setting of the memory bus higher than PC2100 speed is considered to be "Overclocked" for this chipset. Asus doesn't list "Overclock" settings on their main adds anymore.

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  5. what really get me to ask a question is on the article for P4B533-V Tom got his hands on BIOS version (1004) and its not available for the public yet ,what gives , I have the P4B533-V and i am ready to go out and buy PC2700 , I made a decision to up grade to the P4B533-V from the Asus P4B266 and its Bios had better options to tweak memory in the Bios

    when do we get the BIOS version (1004) for the P4B533-V? 08.11.2002 and still waiting ?
  6. I recently gave my son an older PC with the P4B533-VM board and it works fine with 1GB of PC2700 (Crucial) memory. However, 2 X 1GB causes random freezing and hardware-related BSOD's.
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