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need a new/good MMORPG

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February 12, 2007 2:29:03 AM

i have played WOW for 2 months and i am sick of it already...
played FFXI before and it is too plain for my tastes
played Guild Wars and i was not impressed...

so can anyone help me choose from Galaxies, EQ1, EQ2, city of Heroes/Villians, and Vanguard?

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February 12, 2007 3:01:46 AM

*crickets chirping*
February 12, 2007 3:12:20 AM

You may enjoy Star Wars Galaxies. You can buy the new expansion pack called Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures for $30 bucks. It comes with the game's 3 expansions and the core game. I've been playing it since it first started. Your going to read alot about how it's changed over the years (all true) but the present game is becoming very solid (wow can't believe i said that, lol). New Devs, new vision. There is a 14-day free trail going on for it now. Play it and see if you like it. What more can ya want, great looking game, open space, lots of pvp, and sexy looking Twi'Lek's (ok yea i been playing it too long). Give it a try, you just may like it.
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February 12, 2007 3:14:21 AM

on that easy/hard is it to become a jedi or other force user?
also, if i hypothetically became a force user, could i go to the dark side?

god i am such a geek...but i still would like to know
February 12, 2007 3:35:27 AM

A little History:

When the game started back in 2003 JEdi was not a profession at all. Devs stated that they were not even going to place that profession in the game (at that time the game had 32 professions). In Dec of 2003 devs hinted that the Jedi was a secret 33rd profession and you had to go through a series of guessing games to find out how to become a jedi. They placed an item in the game called a Holocron which basically told you which professions you must be first in order to "unlock" jedi. The whole servers went into a grind fest leveling profession after profession to unlock jedi. Some people unlocked after doing 5 professions and some had to do 32 to unlock jedi. Once ya unlocked Jedi it was a hard road to lvl up cause the experience points were totally different (it was purposely made hard).

In Summer of 2004 the devs created a new way of becoming a Jedi, basically you had to do a series of quest. Once done you can enter a secret village located on the planet Dathomir called "The Village". There in total seclusion you can lvl up in your force skills but again the process was long and very very hard. It was taking players months to basically become a jedi, then once a jedi it took months to lvl up to a master. To futher supress the jedi, if you used your jedi powers in public, your character would end up in bounty hunter terminals where player Bounty Hunters could take your mission and hunt you down.

In November of 2005 the devs completely changed the game. They removed 23 of the 32 professions from the game and made 9 professions total: Bounty Hunter, Trader (crafter), Enterainer, Smuggler, Officer, Spy, Commando, Medic, and Jedi. So instead of spending months and months trying to become a jedi, the devs totally, literally, re-wrote the ENTIRE game in favor of what they called New Game Enhancements (you'll see it referred to as the NGE in many post and websites). So basically Jedi was made a starter profession. No months of mindless grinding and frustrations. The profession was made like every other in the game and lvl'ed the same way.

As for Dark side and Light, in the Pre-NGE system you could basically choose if you wanted to become a Jedi Knight or a Dark Jedi, in the Post-NGE system they allow you, once you've mastered Jedi, to learn Light and Dark abilities as part of a system they called the Expertise System. Basically you being light and dark is up to what post-master jedi skills you choose to learn. Hope that answered your question.
February 12, 2007 3:42:05 AM

it did just that

but now i have a new one (sorry)

is Galaxies even worth playing anymore?
it sounds as if it has been simplified to the point of becoming dull and void of any soul or meaning...

i want an MMO that will not be easy, one that wont just hand me whatever i want

the pre-NGE Galaxies as you describe it sounds as if it was much better than what exists should i even waste my time with it?
February 12, 2007 3:48:30 AM

Post NGE is not easy. Yes, professions were simplified but the method of leveling up was made "quest based" instead of kill this, kill that. The devs have placed in PVP zones where you can also lvl up. There are many places to do quest and you just may find the world exciting. There are a vast amount of weapons, new loot, special armor (for imperial and rebel). In order to make each player diverse the experise system was placed in to give players options of choosing additional skills to make them unique. You'll find that getting things is not easy and you have to REALLY work at getting things you want (unless some player just hands it to ya). Give the game a try. If you want, i play on the server called Kettemoor. My character's name is Dronayus. Drop me a line and i can show you around and such. 14 day tree trial won't hurt. If the game aint for you can just hit the uninstall button. Many players felt the game was dumbed down when the NGE came in but the devs over the last year have placed many things in the game to make it harder and more interesting.
February 12, 2007 3:51:07 AM

doesnt sound all that bad

maybe i will drop u a line sometime, depends on when i can get a hold of the game

thanks much and TomsHardwareForumz rock(s?)
February 12, 2007 8:49:24 AM

I found a nice free MMORPG a month ago.

In that game you can grind exp or you can just sail around the world discovering unknown plants, animals, shells etc. If you get bored playing on the land as a character, you can leave to sea to play as a ship.

There's also a similar MMORPG called Pirates of the Burning Sea. It has somewhat better graphics, but it will cost 10-15 dollars per month when it is released.
February 12, 2007 11:16:52 AM

It sounds like you don't even like MMOs tbh.
February 13, 2007 8:50:28 PM

it did just that

but now i have a new one (sorry)

is Galaxies even worth playing anymore?
it sounds as if it has been simplified to the point of becoming dull and void of any soul or meaning...

i want an MMO that will not be easy, one that wont just hand me whatever i want

I had asked similar question on General Games forum, and one of the suggestion I have got is Eve Online. I am trying it now, and so far I am really impressed with the game. It is VAST, and it has so many things to do... And the space graphics are excellent.

The game was constantly updated for 3 years now, plus it is single server game, meaning that they have all 150,000+ players on the same server, which is interesting for the economy, guild fight, politics and so on.

There is 14 day trail, so you can download the game and try it.
February 14, 2007 2:45:04 PM

Soon as I build my new system next week Im picking up Vangard. Cant decide if I want to hit up the Team PvP server (3 teams you pick one) or the free for all pvp server.
February 14, 2007 7:02:50 PM

If you like the idea of charater creation and personalizing your toons City of Heroes/Villians can't be beat. You can change your difficulty level between missions to match your team abilities and graphics have been updated greatly since its creation. I recommend a duel core processor to handle the physics. Their is a 14 day free trial and its impossible to run out of missions all the way up to level 50 "The Max" The PVP action, team action and solo action is all good. Beware that PVP forces you to make hero villian biulds that may be different than what you would choose for solo or team play since your fighting real peaple that exploit your weaknesses. But the game allows you to shuffle up your powers through certain mission rewards up to 5 times during his or her leveling up process. The combinations are nearly endless and you can have up to 12 toons per server.
February 20, 2007 12:51:46 PM

i been playing swg:ed 3 yrs and its very simple to become a Jedi: u just choose the Jedi profession and start ur leveling on Tatooine.

Best thing about SWG:ED is that they take their facts from the 20 billion dollar movies of STAR WARS! Every idea comes from Lucas Arts so u have authenticity. Most ppl were huge Star Wars fans, so if you are then this is the best game for u!

MOst other mmorg's dont have a previous movie base.

You do have a monthly fee to pay for the game is the only downside, but its worth it if u can pay.

options to pay are with credit card or game card.

If u play 18 hrs a day 7 days a week solid for 2 months, and make friends along the way, get active with an active guild to help u, then u should be able to reach the max LVL 90 within that time or less.

After u get to 90, then u can decide on which group things to do: there's tons of great loots to collect or try to sell.

You can also make an alt on the same server that could be a trader to sell ur loots or collect resources and make parts to sell or use for urself.

SWG:ED has 25 servers for u to choose.

If u reside on the east coast of the usa, then choose something like Gorath server, you could play upto 650am - 7 days a week and then the server goes into maint mode for about 1 to 2 hours. After that time u could goto sleep a few hrs wake back up and start playing again.

If you like playing over 22 hrs a day, u can do that too: just join a European server like Infinity

If you love to cheat, then u can do that too.

There's only 2 ways to cheat in SWG:ED:

have some1 level your account and trust them with your info (not a good idea)


buy credits from ebay (you should know tho that all High amounts of credit exchanges are tracked by customer service reps) but here are a few rules to help avoid getting banned.

Let's say u buy 50 million credits and the trader meets u in Tyrena starport, you should have some cheap steel or any other resource on you to make the trade face to face and with the trade window.

you give the seller 1000 units of cheap steel and he then gives you the 50 million credits

You can split resources by pressing on the resource in your inventory and then waiting a few mocroseconds for the rotary menu to come up on the resource. then use the Split command and type in the amount of resource u wanna make.

if he gives you 25 million each time then give 1k units resource each trade.

you do that so that csr's see that something of value is being traded for.

the bazzaar in Tatooine , Mos Eisely is always stocked with 1000's of items on every server. you can get your cheap resources there.

100 million credit amounts are very risky, a few ppl i know had their accounts suspended for a week or banned because of that hi credit trading.

Banned accounts never get re instated - EVER! even after three years!

Suspended accounts have a chance of being re-instated IF all your friends can write in to the csr's and protest it.

Most times though, Suspended accts don't get a 2nd chance.

Always make hi credit trades in the trading window!

Csr's are also monitoring hi credit tipping. usually amounts greater than 900k tipped without trade window are subject to a lot of scrutiny.

U take a huge risk if the person tipping you or you tipping them doesn't know that csr's are watching and waiting to ban the slightest crap you pull.

So communications is the key between you and other players for all trades!
February 21, 2007 7:39:58 AM

My god change your font size.

I've only ever heard bad things about SWG personally.
February 21, 2007 7:57:30 AM

I tried the trial thingy about 3 years ago… was it that long ago… and I lasted 30 minuets out of the tutorial stage as I just felt it had no life… oh and the first few people I met where bunch of wankers… that sure as hell did not help.
February 25, 2007 12:25:41 AM

Vanguard is an amazing game, don't believe everything the reviewers say. It's getting better all the time as they finish it off (a bit buggy sometimes).

It really is a superb game and if you got bored quickly with WoW then this one will keep your attention. The diplomacy and crafting really make the game more complex and intriguing.

Some really interesting quest designs and there is a big variety of classes and races.

Have a go and let us know what you think.