Unusually bad ratings!!

I recently assembled a new computer, (my first), I did a heck of a lot of reaserch on it, and now it seems to be alot worse for my tastes. Here's the stats:
AMD 1900+
GA-7VRX Rv. 1.1
256 mb. Kingston PC2700 RAM
Gainward GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB
Maxtor 80 gig 133/ATA "Quiet" drive
Lite-On 32x12x40
SoundBlaster Audigy Mp3+
Netgear NIC

This computer, from what I can infer on 3DMark 2001 SE, it should be getting at least in the 6000's. The highest rating with the variety of settings I've put is around 4400. Now this is what could be getting me, but I'm brand new to overclocking. Using the Expertool utility that came with my card, I overclocked it to Core to 225 from 200, and Memory to 501 from 450(the last settings are what the "golden sample" cards are certified for). Do you think this could be it? Or am I wrong, and I just bought wrong parts?
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  1. 4400 is a real low score. See that your using default settings and everything in 3D Mark. If you're running with AA enabled, then it'll lower you score.

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  2. Even the default settings can't bring to such a bad result.
    Test your machine with SANDRA and publish the result here. Then we will try to help you.

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  3. Ok. This is really odd. I got 4400 with AAx2, with no AA, I got 2500. Also, here's my benchmarks from Sandra:

    Dhrystone ALU: 4393 MIPS
    Whetstone FPU: 2205 MFLOPS

    Integer aEMMX/aSSE: 8759it/s
    Floating-Point aSSE: 9696it/s

    RAM Bandwidth Int Buffered aEMMX/aSSE:2004MB/s
    RAM Bandwidth Float Buffered aEMMX/aS:1893MB/s

    2kB Blocks: 12885MB/s
    4kB Blocks: 13734MB/s
    8kB Blocks: 13992MB/s
    16kB Blocks: 12021MB/s
    32kB Blocks: 9979MB/s
    64kB Blocks: 9294MB/s
    128kB Blocks: 6044MB/s
    256kB Blocks: 4922MB/s
    512kB Blocks: 847MB/s
    1MB Blocks: 794MB/s
    4MB Blocks: 799MB/s
    16MB Blocks: 799MB/s
    64MB Blocks: 798MB/s
    256MB Blocks: 0MB/s

    I don't really know how to interperate all that, so help would be appreciated.
  4. Many users expericed problem with Gigabyte KT333 board. Plug your components to another board and see......
  5. Any known way to fix it? I'm afraid I don't have the money (on a parental budget, they wouldn't go for getting a test board.)

    Also, I've read those posts. I haven't updated my bios, and I haven't had ANY lockup problems whatsoever. Maybe there was a large batch of bad boards, but I haven't seen anything on this but here, so for now I think it isn't the mobo's fault. Though, if there is anyone really thinks this could be a serious problem, I have only about 3 more days to return, which I really don't want to do.
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  6. Return the board immediately and get a MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU
  7. That score is very low (BTW overclocked GF2 MX400 D is about 3950)
    Your GF3 should be around 6500-6800 at default.

    Did you install:
    <b>VIA 4 in 1 drivers?</b>
    Latest NVIDIA drivers?

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  8. Check the following things:

    1. Is your DMA enabled?
    2. Is the AGP aperture size inside your BIOS set to 128 MB
    3. Do you have the latest drivers (Via 4in1: 4.40, Nvidia: 30.82).
    4. Have you set AA to be managed by the application?
    5. Under Direct3D have you set the max memory usable to 128 MB?
    5. Under OpenGL have you set the max memory usable to 16 MB?
    6. Have you set Vsync to off?
    7. If you have CAS2 memory check if it is set to CAS2 in the BIOS.

    Good luck.

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  9. I had the same problem. You need to get the VIA 4-in-1 drivers. Without them your agp slot is disabled and your performance will take a serious hit. My score jumped 1000 points after I installed the drivers.
  10. I got a 3000 point boost when I installed the latest video drivers. Also, I downloded Quake III demo, got 120.7 fps on Demo #1. That's good, right?
  11. WOW!! 3000 points huh? :tongue: That's smokin!

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  12. I forgot to mention, that brings it up to 7612.
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