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Guys (&Gals) - I am curious why anyone would choose to go in for these new "netflix" online game rental models at all? Does anyone think they are profitable? It seems like it might be cheaper to just buy games you like a lot (either new or used). Is there a compelling reason why someone would want to subscribe to one of these rental services?

I guess i'm just not seeing how the NetFlix model applies to gaming. If i'm wrong, let me know. I saw a post by some guy who talks about how he started renting from one of the online game rental companies, and how he loves it. I just don't buy it that its that much better to rent than to own. I've bought quite a few of my favorite games *used* and I find they are as good as the new ones - only thing is that I usually have to wait a little bit before everyone else is done playing it and has moved onto something newer.

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  1. I rather get the demo (free) if it sucks, I won't buy, if it's good, I do. I used to rent games all the time before I started PC gaming, and it was way too expensive.
  2. I do not rent because I love to actually own the games I love. For some people who blow through 4 or 5 different games a month and don't hold any emotional attachment to them, well renting is definitely the way to go.

    For people who only play maybe 1 or 2 different games a month, renting doesn't make much sense since you would be able to resell the games any time you want and probably break even with the rental solution.

    Of course I am a huge proponent of informed purchasing of anything that costs more than $20. Play demos and read reviews. Sure you will still occasionally be duped into buying a dud (see Evil Genius) but it will help avoid so many crappy games that you might otherwise have been tempted to purchase.
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