Comparation of the Board Manufacturers

We have many board-brands, 6-7 of them is known as "quality" boards. But what's the difference between them, why choose Asus instead of Abit for example? I wanna have a short explanation about them.

Asus is known as maybe the best manufacterer, it has many features and it's stable. But they are factort-overclocked and slighlty expensiver than others, still go for Asus?

Or Abit is ideal for overclockers;MSI have many features and stabilty for a good price;Epox is very fast and cheap, but stable enough?; Gigabyte is nothing but a crap, anyone disagree?
And Soltek, Soyo,Fic, much more..
What about them?

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  1. Msi is best in price features but the rest of the board is very usual. and very stable
    Asus is rock solid but unfair. (comes overclocked)like many others
    Abit would my second choice for mobo after Msi
    others are the same little or more overclocked. So they think they are performance card. (lie!!!!)
  2. be fair, Gigabyte boards are usually very well featured and are as stable as most of their competitors, although their boards based on the KT333 chipset clearly have problems...

    ....Asus is my favorite....Abit are pretty decent too...after that I'd have to think twice, you might have some difficulties convincing everyone that MSI make especially good boards.....

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  3. My first choice is MSI. Their boards are not the fastest, but good performer. Stability, features and price is excellent.

    Asus is good, but the price is higher than other boards. Their boards aren't good enough to worth this higher price. Asus is my second choice.

    I will buy Gigabyte when there is no ASUS, MSI, Abit, Epox.
  4. My most stable board was an Epox. My best performing board was a Soyo, but it blew two capacitors and had to be repaired BY ME because Soyo's RMA department sux (and they charge you for repairs covered "free under warranty"). My Abit board overclocked nicely before it blew THREE capacitors. The two boards with blown capacitors were built during a period where these two companies were known for using poor quality capacitors.

    So I can't say I love Abit or Soyo, but the did at least have a nice DESIGN for their boards.

    Really, most of the "quality" board companies make both great and not-so great boards. I go on a board by board basis for my recommendations.

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  5. I have good experience with both Abit and Asus. Mainboards from both company are very stable. I think they are the best mainboard manufacturer.
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