P4 2.0GHz 400MHz FSB on Gigabyte 81EXP 533MHz FSB

is it ok to use a P4 2.0GHz 400MHz FSB on a Gigabyte GA-81EXP 533MHz FSB motherboard? (just checking before i order the motherboard.)

also, any opinions on the GA-81EXP vs the GA-81RXP ? (the RXP doesn't have the FireWire ports.)

and, is there any benefit in the Promise RAID Ultra ATA 133 if i'm only using one HD (Maxtor D740X) ?

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  1. Yes, you can use them... the board is backwards compatible which means that it also supports 400 MHz FSB.

    If you only use one HD and don't plan to add more in the future you won't need the extra RAID controller, unless you plan to use 4 CDROM/DVD/CDRW/ZIP-drives.

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  2. You can very well use the CPU on the board, in fact you have the 533 MHZ FSB capability of the board as a later upgrade option.

    The firewire ports on the EXP are certainly a good option since there are a lot of peripherals coming up with firewire interface, which are at the moment a bit expensive. But nevertheless its a good feature to have right up.

    Although the board has RAID ports if you wish to setup RAID array, else they stay there again, as a upgrade option. You still have a separate regular pair of ATA/133 IDE controller for normal use. As such there is no performance benefit for yor single hard disk setup.

    I guess maybe the RAID controller and Firewire ports are somewhat overkill for your setup, you can save some money by skipping those.


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  3. Just in case you want to know, I don't know if you have the processor now or if you are ordering it with the mobo. Intel is dropping prices by as much as 63% on their 2.53/533 processor and slashing prices on the other processors. So if you want to wait until the 1st of September you will be able to throw in a 533 fsb processor and it may be even cheaper or cost the same anmount as what you are paying for that processor. I heard that the 2.4 Ghz/533 fsb may drop to around $170.00-$200.00 U.S on September 1st.

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  4. The P4 2.26B and 2.4B will be $193USD IIRC.

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  5. Both the same price? What is AMD going to do, intel will have better performance and cheaper prices if AMD doesn't drop prices quite a bit.
  6. I've got a related question.
    I've seen a couple Tom's Hardware reviews referencing the Gigabyte 8IGXP. Where is this MB?? GB dosen't list it on their website and I can't find any other references to it.
  7. Yeah, I noticed that as well, maybe they are just referring to the 8IGX and added the P because the 8IEXP and the 8IHXP. I guess it might be the same board as the 8IGX.
  8. That's a possibility but I don't think so.
    The review clearly states that the GXP board includes onboard RAID whereas the specs for the GX do not. (Hence the "P")
    I'm just wondering if the board has been released somewhere other than the US for evaluation purposes.
  9. if you didn't buy your mainboard and prosessor yet forget about it. Buy a AMD 1800+ and a Msi mainboard.
    In benchmarks AMD 1800+ has a place between Intel 2000A (533Mhz) and 2000(400Mhz). Do you know where is the great difference. PRICE! AMD 1800+ costs about 105$ and MSI KT3 ULTRA-ARU (promise raid chip, 4usb1.1 ports, 4 (four) usb2.0 ports and 5.1 sound card with digital out) costs 110$
    So don't let Intel steal your money.
  10. Intel 2000A is on a 400MHz bus. You loose, go trolling.

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  11. Hehehe, omg hilarious, LoL.

    Also thanx for letting me know what the P stands for. I would just like to find out where the 8IGXP is.
  12. Please either delete your post or edit it. We don't need people fight over what someone should buy or not. If someone wants to buy an Intel system it's ok. AMD is not going to give out any special bonuses for you converting people. We are trying to clean this forum up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  13. did you like wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or something?

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  14. So is this price drop on the 1st sept going to happen for sure??? or is it still just a rumor?? Please PM me if you know cos I was going to buy s sys in a few days, but if this is going to happen i can wait till the 1st sept. Thanks

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  15. He's trying to clean up these forums, and I think it's really nice of him... Now if only he had a bit of power.

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  16. Um, actually, thats NOT true. If you do not have a RAID controller, the 845E and G, do NOT support ATA133. They only support ATA100, so even with just one drive, it may be worth getting the RAID chip (if you plan on using the faster drives now, or in the future).

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