Battle Field 2 and x1950 issue

I can't even play the game on medium setting no AA... i get lots of lag, lots of chop.

Anyone else having similar issues?

I just got the card from new egg so i can RMA it if no one else has problems.

Mine's the colormaster X1950pro 256.

My system:
Intel 865GBF mobo
P4 3.0 HT
1 gig DDR400
SATA drive
IDE drive (just a storage drive)

I used to have a 9600se and i played it on low with some medium settings. The frame rates werent great, but they were consistent. With this thing i get random choppage. I also had an x1600 for about a week --- before it burnt out (thank you sapphire). Could play the game on medium/high smoothly. I was expecting this card to max the game out no sweat.
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  1. Actually Ive got a x1950pro and a slightly better system and I cant play it on max settings either. I can play it on medium but not max so I dont know if there is really a problem. Perhaps it just doesnt play well on this model :(
  2. I run a Similar Machine and also had a similar problem with my new X1950Pro. Turned out I just didnt have the proper power to support it and ample cooling to keep it running smooth.

    The card runs hot and needs a reasonable amount of power. seems like the recommended, depending on the rest of ur machine, is about 480watts plus to make it work properly.
  3. I have X800Pro (16pipe unlocked). When I had P4 2.8 Northwood (running @3.2) game was choppy unless set to medium settings. Then I switched to E6600 (same graphics card, will change it somewhere next month :)) and now I can play BF2 with all graphics options set to max, with 4xFSAA in 1280x1024. Interesting that while playing alone on local server, even on old machine game ran smoothly with everything maxed, it was on-line playing that was bringing fps down. Game seems to be very CPU-hungry while on-line with dozens of other players.

    Now I have similiar problem with BF2142 - when I play solo, it works great with everything maxed. While on-line, have to use medium settings and it still gets choppy inside titan :(.
  4. Right this ones easy, 1GB of system memory is simply not enough to play Battle Field 2 at a constantly smooth pace. Because you don’t have enough memory the system needs to use the swap file a lot more, which gives you that choppy image that stutters and pauses. Upgrade your system to 2GB’s and this problem will all go away.

    Oh and my system is a X800XT PE with 2GB’s of memory and I get no choppiness what so ever and that’s on a 3500+ with standard DDR400 memory. I also play the game at 1680X1050 and have everything set to max bar AA.
  5. Late reply to a fairly old post, I know. But perhaps someone will be searching the forum, like me, for info about the X1950 Pro.

    I had a 3.4Ghz HT Pentium with an ATI 9600XT and a Gig of RAM. I could play BF2 on low to medium settings at 1024X768 with a pretty good framerate but it looked shite.

    So, I bought an AGP X1950 Pro and a 600W PSU. Chucked them in and ramped up all settings to max, res set to 1280X1024 (native to my 19" flat screen). BF2 looked great and played smoothly on single player. BUT, online, I was getting very random glitches when the game just stopped. However, I had FRAPS running which told me the framerate was running at 40-50 FPS. Very strange. I decided to live with it.

    Then, because I also do a lot of graphic work with Photoshop, which is RAM hungry, I bought 2GB of ram to replace the 2 512Mb sticks.

    Guess what? BF2 plays perfect now. Loads quicker and I'm often one of the first on a new map.

    What also helped, I think, was setting the Punkbuster sleep to 5000 and having the BF2 executable running as a high priority program. All this I found on the BF2 section of Tweakguides.
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