Ecs K7S5A wont accept ddr memory help:(

the motherboar i have is the ecs k7s5a with the sis 735 chipset. it has both ddr and sdram slots on it. i tried 256mb pc2100 ddr mem but the motherboard doesnt boot or anything, i tried a 16mb sdram and it boots up and gives me the post, do i have to do something in the bios for it to accept the ddr mem? i hope i bought the right kind the motherboard said it accepts 200/266 mem 2.5v unbuffered non ecc something like that and i made sure thats what the memory was..

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  1. a few things:

    was it seated correctly? Are you sure it works? Did you have the SDRAM in at the same time (shouldn't)? Were there any beeps?

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  2. Are you using generic ddram? What sucks about the k7s5a is that it only works with "high quality" parts. Try buying a name brand like crucial or corsair or something (there is a list of ddram manu. in the manual). Unfortunately, ECS didn't realize that buying high quality parts defeats the purpose of buying a value motherboard.
  3. Boot the system with the SDRAM and then flash the BIOS with the newest version (you can find this on the ECS webiste).

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  4. You are absolutely right.

    ECS is a fraud. They offer attractive features and very cheap price. At last the system built with ECS mobo don't remain inexpensive and the buyer gets nothing but headaches and at last, a sucking mobo in his system.
  5. Sometimes work with K7S5A: (if it doesn’t, just claim for warranty)
    Install DDR
    Clear CMOS
    Boot up

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