Vista Pwaned my gaming!

I went from avg of 30-35fps on CS: Source (all settings maxed) to a poor 9fps under vista, making the game totally unplayable.
Even moving the settings to low, still makes the game unplayable. :cry:
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  1. specs would be good
  2. Quote:

    See now, there's your problem.
  3. In a way I was thinking it could be a ram problem... Vista uses about 2 times more memory than XP so if he does not have enough memory in his system vista could interfere with the games performance. After all from personal experience CS:S should run at almost the same speed on Vista as it does in XP.

    Besides I like the new layout of Vista and the removal of direct draw on the desktop makes it too good to go back to XP now. People ph34r change, and that’s very obvious with the way current events are panning out.
  4. Try disabling the eye sore candy (aero glass or w/e it's called).
  5. It disables it’s self when a full screen application is being ran…
  6. specs are

    amd xp2500+
    2gig pc2700 ram
    radeon x800pro 256mb
    audgigy 2zs
  7. Quote:

    audgigy 2zs

    Have you tried running it with no sound? That could be the problem.
  8. Quote:
    specs are

    amd xp2500+
    2gig pc2700 ram
    radeon x800pro 256mb
    audgigy 2zs

    With that rig, I'd have never upgraded to Vista. Proc is slow; mem is large, but slow; graphics are old; and sound is okay. Nothing in that rig is current, so you should have expected problems.

    If I were you, I would have spent that money on components, rather than software. If you can, return Vista ASAP. You won't need it for a while.
  9. you could try overclocking that 2500+ to a 3200+ by a simple FSB increase, that might help a fair bit (make sure you dont increase the mem timings at the same time). Also your graphics card is fine for vista as I was beta testing it on a X800XT PE with a SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and I got no problems what so ever.
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