"Ghost Rider" Sins Against Comic Films

Mark Steven Johnson's "Ghost Rider" is an affront to comic and movie fans alike. TwitchGuru's Travis Meacham braved the fires of Hell to bring you this review.
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  1. This disappoints me too. I had high hopes for the movie. I guess I'll wait until its out on video to coerce one of my friends to rent it and watch it.

    It sounds like its not even going to be worth that much trouble...
  2. A couple of my friends, who actually own quite a few Ghost Rider comics, went and saw the film. They actually said it wasn't awful, it just wasn't dark enough and had too much humor.

    Rob, although I have not seen the movie, I think that maybe your expectations are just too high. I generally expect any movie I see to be somewhere between mediocre and awful, doubly so for comic book adaptations. Whenever I see a preview for a comic book adaptation that looks cool, I just remember movies like Daredevil and The Hulk. So if a movie even has one redeeming quality, then it can't be that bad.

    Also, after saying that it is a ripoff of Spawn, does that mean you didn't like Spawn? Maybe its just the 14 year old kid in me that thought it was cool, but, well, I think it was cool. Even the Spawn cartoon is good.

    Lately, the only segment of the movie industry that I can stand has been 'B' movies. At least they are sometimes creative and witty and are almost always hilarious.
  3. Quote:
    Rob, although I have not seen the movie, I think that maybe your expectations are just too high.

    Actually, I didn't write the story. Travis Meacham, one of our news guys, wrote it. An unfortunate side effect of the auto-post on the Forumz is that all Twitch article-related discussions are started by me, even though I don't write all of the stuff.
  4. I can't be entirely certain, but I think Travis disliked the movie :roll:

    If it is truly as bad as his review would indicate, then take heart in the fact that it makes us appreciate the good comic book adaptations all the more for their success in translation to the big screen. I don't know - I might have to go just to see if it is as much of a train wreck as it is made out to be in the review...
  5. Quote:
    Rob, although I have not seen the movie, I think that maybe your expectations are just too high.

    Actually, I didn't write the story. Travis Meacham, one of our news guys, wrote it. An unfortunate side effect of the auto-post on the Forumz is that all Twitch article-related discussions are started by me, even though I don't write all of the stuff.

    Alright then, I hadn't noticed that. I don't suppose that Travis uses the forum though, so no point in trying to start a discussion with him.
  6. On the contrary, I'm just more of a lurker. Discuss away...

    As far as my expectations, I went in knowing it wouldn't be Spider-Man, but hoping that it might surprise me. I'd be interested to read the original David Goyer script (which I think was much more of a horror story).
  7. It was fun and enjoyable. Not a great flick, but a good one. It didn't do a wholesale rewrite of the character (like X-Men). As for not being dark enough, Daredevil and Hulk should prove that "dark" doesn't always equate to "good".

    It was certainly better than Fracktastic Four (ugh), Daredevil, Catwoman, Batman3/4/5, Ultraviolet, and many more.
  8. I don't understand why people feel we should lower our expectations simply because a movie is based on a comic book (or TV show). Batman Begins wasn't just a good "comic book movie", it was a good FILM. Spider-man was excellent. The original X-Men was well done.

    I saw Ghost Rider, and it failed not because it didn't match the comic book but because it was simply a bad movie. Some really bad acting, corny dialog, trite situations... We deserve better.
  9. I always hope for the best, but even if a movie is bad I usually just think "well, I didn't expect it to be any good, at least it had some neat effects / hot girls / funny jokes" etc.

    In regards to Daredevil and Hulk being dark, I don't consider those to be dark movies. I am talking about more Spawn dark, kind of an evil and dirty feel. And I didn't expect hulk to be a dark movie (having only seen the cartoon), so that was why dark there didn't work for me. As for Daredevil, I hadn't heard of him before the movie and I dislike Ben Affleck in most movies.

    I'll have to go see (or download) Ghost Rider this week so I can actually have a valid opinion.

    Also, for the record, I think we should lower our opinions for all films, not just comic books. Or just stop paying to go see movies (which is mostly what I have done).
  10. I'm glad Travis saw Ghost Rider and saved me from having to see it. Nic Cage sold his soul to Jerry Bruckheimer a long time ago and has been churning out crap ever since. Jerry should have played the Devil instead of Peter Fonda, quite frankly.

    As for comic book movies, X-Men 2 rocked the house, and Batman Begins is about as good as it gets.

    However, I must admit that I have a weakness for bad comic book movies. I watch Elektra every time its on TV, the whole way through. I mean, I'll serious drop whatever I'm doing and watch every second. Why? Jennifer Garner just has that kind of siren-like grip on me. I also liked Blade II and...Constantine (gulp). Oh dear, i think I've divulged too much...
  11. ...

    I think Rob's coming out of the closet or something... I mean CONSTANTINE??

    Not that I'm one to talk, I watch Bloodsport (or pretty much any Van Damme, Segal, Norris, or Lundgren movie) every time I see it on TV.

    Now that you mention it, I can't remember the last movie I liked with Nicolas Cage. Wait, actually, I take that back, I loved Lord Of War and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Grindhouse (that according to imdb, Cage is in).
  12. Yeah, I share Rob's affection for "bad" comic movies. I liked Blade and Blade II, I like the action scenes from Hulk, and I think Constantine has some good stuff.

    Regarding Spawn, I was very disappointed in the movie because I was a big fan of the comic. I mean...come on, what's with the little kid and the dog. It was crap. Now, the HBO series is dead on with the comic, so that I like.
  13. Admittedly, I really like the first Blade movie too (not really the 2nd one though). I don't know why, but it is just cool.

    I forgot about that kid and his dog actually. It must be true that absense makes the heart grow fonder. When was there an Spawn series on HBO? That sounds like it would be pretty good. I respect HBO a lot, after watching marathons of Band Of Brothers (4 times) and Rome (2 times), I'll give any series they make more consideration that most.
  14. I am by no means a comic book fan...I own not a single comic book in existence. However taking this into consideration i will say this.

    Imagine being that one person in the world tasked with the inspiration and the audacity to create an entire movie based upon a character well versed within the comic book world. If i were a producer or whoever is responsible for creating a movie, i too would try to make a movie that appeals to hardcore comic book fans AS WELL AS people who have never followed the ghost rider franchise. I am not saying that this is a super awesome mind numbing movie, however the effects were spectacular the story line was tolerable and the comedy within the movie is what i would consider new age. Its that impromptu comedy that relies on more of situational expression and is solely dependent on the dialog given within the movie. For instance the eight ball... Of course no one carries an eight ball around in real life. But the funny thing is that well SHE did and not only that, she consulted the eight ball knowing that she already knew the answer...this is called irony. Its not funny if you think of it in the terms of what you already know...Its HILARIOUS knowing she consulted an eight ball regardless of what you knew the outcome was going to be.
    For this movie i would say take it for face value. Do away with the story line the comics give you and just watch it. Its cool looking Eva mendez is hot, and of course the comedy within the movie is amusing.
    If you can compare it to moves such as "gone fishing" then you realize that your money isnt completely lost. I mean there are worst movies out there....heheh
  15. Quote:
    and...Constantine (gulp). Oh dear, i think I've divulged too much...

    Man I luv that movie. I cannot understand why it normally gets so much flak 8O .X-men 3 on the other hand :evil: ........................
  16. Ugh.

    They just can't leave well enough alone with these things. They have 25 frigging years worth of storyboards already written for them and tehy insist on writing something new.

    Something hokey as well.

    They did the same with many stories adapted for the screen, with the best so far being LotR.

    There have been a few well done comic movies, X2, Spidey 2, Sin City and Hellboy being 4 of them, but there have been some AWFUL ones like DD, Hulk, X3, FF, Punisher (all of them), Captain America, Superman 3 and 4, Batman 3, 4 and 5, etc etc....

    They lose teh message.

    As for dark? dark does not mean literally all the time, but think of thnigs like the color scheme for the real-world scenes at the end of Pan's Labarynth (sp), or the ark scene in Indie. Sin City was ALL dark, and Reservoir Dogs was gritty. 12 monkeys had grit and apocolyptic fever, and the Usual Suspects was about as dark as you could get.

    The problem is, the producers do not want a cult classic. They want #1 on the charts for 2 or 3 weeks to net them their initial cost, then profit from any other outlet (toys, games, DVD sales, and continued showings).

    They do not realize that when they do something with a bit more plot, they get the people to stay with it and DEMAND more of it. Spidey is heading that way and I hope they do not get so greedy that they simply put him into the plot-machine to spit out supervillans left and right.

    With so many interesting characters and plots (Dark Phoenix being one of them) I am always upset when they ignore what has been written and try to give us a friendly shrink-wrapped version of the characters that took so long to develop.

    My other qualm, which is much more controvercial, is the whole feeling of realism. I do not mind super-powers, magic or whatever else. It lends a feeling of "fantastic" to the whole experience. But when they seem to be random, and "normal" events do not follow the regular rules, it loses its grip on that feeling of you actually being there. They can still be fun, but they do not pull you in.

    Spidey has been pulling people in just because it feels more like our own world with these big guys thrown in.

    Batman returns stretched it a bit, but it still felt more realistic. POSSIBLE.

    Hulk? I like the Hulk, but so many things were just wrong with that flik. How things reacted, moved, bounced. The hulk did not "feel" big. He looked like a game character from teh very start and that is how teh movie played. The street scene SCREAMED studio. Hell, I think they have it as an attraction at Universal Studios Florida! ;)

    So the bottom line in all of this is to remember that these things are NOT meant for kids. Stop treating it like that! You need to make it believable, and try to stick with the characters that people have proven to like after years of writing/storylines.

    A flaming skull and top-name stars does not make a good movie.

    Plot helps.
  17. Well said
  18. I finally got around to watching Ghost Rider (admittedly not in theaters) and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It wasn't half bad. I didn't really like the choice of Nick Cage as Blaze, but I found the movie reasonably entertaining.
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